Thursday, October 28, 2021

Meat-Eaters Less Depressed, Study Shows


Where’s the beef? It should be on your plate, apparently.

A new review published in the journal of Food Science and Nutrition has found that people who consume meat have lower levels of anxiety and depression than do vegans and vegetarians. Hah! I’m licking my chops over this story. Literally.

The extensive analysis examined 20 studies associated with meat consumption and mental health and found an undeniable association between vegetarianism or veganism and poorer mental health outcomes, according to Business Insider.  

The studies were conducted from 2001 to 2020 and represented almost 172,000 people from across four continents. Respondents were provided questionnaires in which they stated whether they ate meat or not and then answered questions about whether they experienced anxiety and depression.

The review will not make so-called “progressives” happy. During last year’s Democratic primary, current Vice President Kamala Harris insisted that "government can and should" regulate meat consumption in the interest of climate consciousness as well as healthy eating. Bill Gates, billionaire Microsoft founder and world-class do-gooder, recently decreed that the planet’s wealthier nations should stop eating beef altogether and instead switch to consuming lab-grown or plant-based "meats" to help avoid an otherwise looming climate disaster. Gates claimed, "You can get used to the taste difference.” Yes, and you can get used to psoriasis and syphilis, too.

Meat-eaters are mentally better adjusted than cud-chewers? I have no beef with that finding. I guess the vegans’ chickens are coming home to roost.

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