Sunday, October 24, 2021

61% Of Americans Paid No Federal Income Taxes In 2020


Incredibly, in 2020, approximately 61% of Americans paid no federal income taxes, according to the Tax Policy Center. Therefore, approximately 39% of Americans paid all federal income taxes. They are awarded for this staggering largess by being told they need to “pay their fair share.” Their “fair share”, one might logically surmise, would be around 39% of the federal income taxes paid, not 100%. The top 20% of income earners pay about 67% of federal taxes. “Progressive,” you know. They should be lauded as pillars of the community, as not only the most productive, but the most charitable folks in society. (Whether they wanted to be or not.) Instead, they are called “greedy” by the self-same people who receive the benefits of this mass income redistribution.

  Literally stupefying.

  If you make a lot more money than I do, have more wealth than I do, and you are made to give me a bunch of it, how is it that I could possibly get away with calling you greedy? Am I not the greedy- or at least ungrateful- one?

 Then there are the top 1%, who alone pay nearly 40% of all federal income taxes. In a logical world, I’m sure they would love to pay “their fair share” of taxes. Instead, they are openly and arbitrarily shaken down. And reviled. Eat the rich.

  In 2017, the top 1% of income earners in the U.S. paid more in taxes than the bottom 90% combined. That is an amazing factoid.

And now taxpayers are supposed to fund free stuff for those who are here illegally. And watch as crime skyrockets due to insane policies that favor criminals over the police.

Speaking of the police, many have left their jobs due to the constant attacks perpetrated against them, figuratively and literally, by the likes of Antifa and BLM……and the ignorant, virtue-signaling charlatans in media, academia and Hollywood cheering those groups on.

And now, as we attempt to come out of a pandemic, truckers, pilots, teachers, healthcare workers, coaches, members of the military-- and others-- are being threatened with the loss of their jobs if they decline to receive an experimental gene therapy vaccine into their bodies. And “booster” shots after that, possibly forever.

With the ever increasing and completely illogical attacks on our society’s strong, productive and successful, the rest of us shouldn’t plan on being held aloft for much longer.


  It is truly incredible that Atlas has not yet shrugged.


 But it appears his shoulders are sagging.


(The author would like to apologize for continuing to assume that Atlas must be a cis-gendered male. What was Ayn Rand thinking?!)  



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