Saturday, October 16, 2021

Masking Our Humanity, Swapping Religions


The elites’ responses to the pandemic have destroyed countless careers, bank accounts and businesses. The mandates and lockdowns have destroyed many lives and have spawned loneliness, hopelessness, depression and even madness in millions more.

The pandemic-- and governments’ reaction to it—has caused us to lose our sanity, our humanity, and even our ability to distinguish between the sacred and the profane.

Mask mandate apostates and vaccine mandate infidels are being mocked, abused, and threatened. They are having their livelihoods taken from them along with basic freedoms.

We are replacing a religion founded on love and the promise of eternal life with one of fear, distrust, obsequiousness and opacity.

Last Christmas, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy, put up a large indoor Nativity scene that would have been beautiful and uplifting to look at — were it not for the cloth masks covering everyone’s faces.

Similarly, in Bilbao, Spain, the diocesan Museum of Sacred Art featured a Nativity scene featuring masked figurines…and a Christmas star made out of masks and gloves.  And a crib made out of toilet paper rolls.

Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus wearing masks? Jesus’ crib made from rolls of toilet paper?

We are now trying to make God into our pathetic image(s). Why would the Virgin Mary or the Son of God need to wear a mask? Maybe this year’s Nativity scenes will show them sporting vaccine passports.

Are these displays supposed to be cute? Funny? Or a symbol of how deadly serious the pandemic is?

Displays such as these are idiotic and blasphemous.

What they are trying to cover up-- and why-- however, is ironically very revealing.


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