Monday, January 18, 2021

When Do Words Matter?


              Sex and gender don’t matter. Except when they do to progressives. Racism is wrong. Except when it’s practiced by progressives. Anyone can pick their own gender. No big deal. But, have you heard? Kamala Harris is going to be the first female vice-president! And she is a person of color! This is so great! Also, only white people can be racist! Just so you know.

              The left spends an inordinate amount of time attempting to render words meaningless and strip phrases of their meaning. Sex? Abstract concept. Gender? An infinite number from which you get to pick. Cultures? None better, none worse. Truth? No such thing in an absolute sense. You get to pick “your truth” too, just like you get to select your own gender. Abortion? “Women’s health care!” Confiscatory taxation? “Revenue enhancement!” Make America Great Again? Meaningless and misleading in that America was never great, but also racist. Now racist does have a real, concrete meaning. So does “dog-whistle.” And we all know that MAGA is simply a racist dog-whistle!

              “And, while we’re at it,” leftists say, “repeat after me: Black Lives Matter! Antifa is an idea! Mostly peaceful protesters! Love is love! No human is illegal! Women’s rights are human rights! Science is real! Misgendering is violence, meat is murder, but abortion is women’s health care! Orange man bad! There was no election fraud!”



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