Monday, January 11, 2021

Losing Our Religion...History...And Freedom


The U.S. has, simultaneously, come unmoored from its Judeo-Christian origins, eschewed its shared history and traditions, and lost its MoJo, its Johnson, its testosterone. (The latter may seem incongruous with the former, but it is not.) We have been so accommodating to everyone and everything but ourselves and our way of life that we have forgotten who we are. We do not want to offend those who wash up on our shores, so we subject ourselves to extremes of political correctness and identity politics, even as we give them money and a chance. In doing so, we have lost our shared identity, our cohesiveness, our religiosity…and our soul.

God created man and woman distinctly and with purpose. “Male and female He created them.” He said “Be fruitful and increase in number”…and take dominion over the animals and every living creature. Today, we don’t believe there are distinct genders, and can’t tell if we are men or women-- or any one of an infinite number of genders on a spectrum. We permit hundreds of thousands of abortions a year but feel bad swatting a mosquito or killing a mouse. It is not a coincidence that we are losing belief in ourselves as we are losing belief in God.

We have put up with the preposterous debasing of our Founders and watched quietly as their statues have been vandalized, destroyed or removed. We have meekly allowed our history to be rewritten and our Constitution and Bill of Rights to be assaulted.

We have ‘progressed’ from “Gunsmoke,” “The Magnificent Seven,” and “Father Knows Best” to “The View,” “Oprah,” and “Heather Has Two Mommies.” The Marlboro Man is out, the metrosexual is in. John Wayne is mocked for his ‘toxic masculinity,’ transgenders are reading to our elementary school kids.

 When a society loses either its religious heritage, its shared history and identity, or its collective Cajones, its continued existence becomes problematic. When it loses two of the three, it will fall, whether sooner or later. When it loses all three simultaneously, it will effectively be gone in the cosmic blink of an eye.

Irreligious, mis-educated, feminine…and infantilized. That’s us.

As a result, we are more diverse in superficial ways, like race, than ever before. But less diverse in thought.

And freedom.



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