Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Teacher Sprays Disinfectant On Students Improperly Wearing Facial Masks


Largo High School (Florida) teacher Christina Reszetar allegedly sprayed disinfectant on the bodies-- and into the faces-- of four of her learning disabled students because they weren’t wearing their face masks in the prescribed manner in her classroom. Appearing before a judge, the 51-year-old “educator” was charged with four counts of felony child abuse with great bodily harm. She was booked into the Pinellas County jail.

According to the Largo Police Department, Reszetar became aggressive because the four students refused to wear their face masks properly.

While in the courtroom, Reszetar told the judge she has been an instructor for 21 years, 18 of them at Largo High School where she teaches Learning Disabled Math, according to WFLA-TV.

She is sadly indicative of the mindset of leftists and those who wield influence over others, such as teachers, “experts,” politicians, corporate leaders, members of the media, and Big Tech oligarchs who control access to information. If the “little people,” literally or figuratively speaking, don’t quickly acquiesce to the desires of their elite betters, they must be made to do so. Most of us have seen numerous instances of conscientious mask objectors being verbally and even physically assaulted, whether it be in a store or restaurant, or even in the great outdoors.

This is part of a growing trend of viewing human beings primarily as a source of infection…if not as an infection themselves, largely detrimental to the Earth. The Left fosters, aides and abets this notion on many levels. Babies in the womb are an infection plaguing a woman’s body. Republicans/conservatives are an infection on the republic, as are white cis-male Christians.  All Trump supporters, too. Pretty much anyone in flyover country. And, really, anyone with whom a leftist disagrees.

This is unbearably sad, and certainly contrary to Biblical teaching, which states that God created man in His own image. But what would God know? Maybe He, too, is naught but an “infection.”

Many leftists would agree.

Real infection, however, comes neither from God nor from the mouths of learning challenged students, but from those who believe they are superior to both. Leftist group-think in the unbridled quest for power-- or approbation-- leads to a fatally diseased republic unable to even discern the difference between right and wrong.


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