Thursday, January 21, 2021

Democrats Favorite Year


Sometimes you just get on a roll. The Democrats certainly are on one now. They achieved their 2020 vision…and then some.

They used the Chinese Virus to frighten, lock down and intimidate the citizens of the nation they control and yet despise. They cheered on domestic terrorists as they burned and looted city after city for months on end. They even applauded them when they proclaimed and set up “autonomous zones” in several large cities. Then they demonized the tiny fraction of Trump supporters who, in a calamitous error in judgement, broke some windows and took a stroll through the Capitol Building, calling them domestic terrorists. They said it was an insurgency. Really? I mean they were back in their offices a few hours later, itching to impeach the president of the United States.

Insurgency: The organized use of subversion and violence by a group or movement that seeks to over-throw or force change of a governing authority.

That’s funny, that sounds like exactly what the Democrats have been doing for four years now.

Now that the Democrats control the military, too, they used a good chunk of it to protect and defend Joe Biden at his inaugural. And, unconstitutionally, they vetted each of the 26,000 members of the National Guard to make certain there were no radical right-wing extremists who may have been closet Trump supporters and/or believers in government of, by, and for the people in their midst. That is by turns scary and vomit-inducing. Or should be.

Biden issued 17 Executive Orders on his first day in office. Virtually all of them will be bad for America. The Democrats plan to utilize the Second Trump Impeachment Farce Sham Trial to distract Americans while they rapidly ram through an extreme leftist agenda. (Nothing says “healing,” “unity” and “magnanimity” like impeaching a president—again-- after he has already left office.)

Once they have done all this, they will get on with thanking China for making it all possible, thus neatly wrapping things up. Ah, the circle of life.

Conservatives and patriots have born the brunt of a second set of Intolerable Acts, this one forced upon them not by the British, but by their own government; not by the "redcoats," but by those with a blue state mentality. 

The actions of these Democrats cannot be considered anything less than evil by a moral person, regardless of one's ideology.

Yet, Democrats will surely look back on recent events and say, “Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end…”

And they probably never will.


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