Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Inauguration Day News Nuggets

*The Biden administration saw to the vetting of the 26,000 national guard troops protecting his inauguration. They wanted to identify and weed out anyone with the wrong political opinions. This is unprecedented, terrifying, and the most un-American action conceivable. I don’t remember 26,000 troops for the Trump inaugural. Or the trump administration vetting them to screen out those with ties to far-left terrorist organizations, like, say, the Obama administration. Conservatives don’t interrogate those who serve to see who watches MSNBC, listens to NPR, eats Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, has friends in Big Tech, or has Slate listed as a favorite website. Maybe they should. In any case, it is too late now.

*Biden chose Rachel Levine for Assistant Health Secretary. Did Bozo the Clown decline the offer? Was The Joker busy? This raises the age-old question: “WTF?” He opts for a Transgender “lady” who ordered nursing homes to accept COVID-infected patients, thereby killing thousands of people in Pennsylvania, while secretly taking her own mom out and ensconcing her in a plush motel suite? This is the self-same “woman” who refused to let GOP election observers do their duty. This is another example of Biden rubbing the noses of his opponents in it…because he can. It is petty. And I would say evil.

*But, Biden’s popularity upon entering the White House is at 57% according to a new Gallup poll. In a totally unrelated poll question, 57% of those same people surveyed have never heard of Venezuela, the Soviet Union or Cuba…and think China is “chill.” Ironically, the same 57% also believe in the tooth fairy, but are proud to be atheists.


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