Saturday, January 16, 2021

Trump Re-Impeached, Supporters Silenced, Humiliated, Threatened


Is the Capitol siege just another hoax? Don’t get me wrong, we know it occurred. But, there is more and more evidence coming out that it was pre-planned…and not instigated by Trump supporters. There is absolutely no evidence that President Trump encouraged or fomented the violence. He has—repeatedly—talked of “peaceful” protests, and condemned lawlessness of any sort. Yet the media treats the brief, tragic, incursion as an “insurrection.” Democrats portrayed it as on par with the Night of the Long Knives. And then they voted to re-impeach Trump, despite the fact there were no witnesses, no presidential legal representation, and no factual evidence presented. In short, they impeached him without trial, just because they wished to…and could.

Compare that to how the media and Democrats treated the numerous claims of voter fraud in the recent presidential election. Despite substantial evidence of wrongdoing and even evidence of massive voter fraud, they summarily dismissed the claims and refused to grant the grievances any forum.

Think about this: the baseless vote to re-impeach Trump was successful, the attempt to prevent a potentially stolen election and validate the will of over 75 million Americans was summarily dismissed as frivolous. What if the roles were reversed? How would The Left have handled it?

And ponder this, too: Trump got over 11 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016. By contrast, Obama received at least 3 million fewer votes in 2012 than in 2008. This makes Trump arguably the most popular president in history. And the establishment elites still (in my and many other people’s view) were able to steal the election from him and his supporters. That is breathtaking chutzpah. Think what that means. They knew how powerful they are. Moreover, they saw the people’s response to the never-ending lockdowns/mask mandates, etc., and realized how easily led we have become. (“Two weeks to flatten the curve” has morphed into “Ten months to flatten your soul.”)

As Congressman Louis Gohmert observed, half of all the impeachments in the history of this republic have now been carried out by Nancy Pelosi. How does the Wicked Witch of the West not herself get impeached? She is petty, vindictive, unstable, and has essentially condoned mob violence herself.

The Left is blatantly rubbing conservatives’ noses in their defeats, challenging us to do something about them. Pelosi’s team of Trump impeachment managers consisted of 7 women, people of color or members of the LGBTQ community. And Eric Swalwell. So, a guy who sleeps with a Chinese spy is not only not kicked off the House Intelligence Committee (talk about an oxymoron!) but is appointed by Pelosi to be a House Impeachment Manager! This comes on the heels of Twitter lecturing Uganda not to block social media and messaging apps ahead of that nation’s election, because that would be an outrageous violation of “basic human rights and the principles of the #OpenInternet.” This was well after Twitter banned President Trump from its platform. Kids, don’t look for justice in this world.

One would think, based on other ex-president’s memoirs and the explosive, remarkable story Trump surely has to tell, that he would be chomping at the bit to release his own book once he leaves office. Yet, in light of the stunningly rapid post-election assault on conservatives’ liberties, will any company dare to publish his memoirs? Would any bookseller have the courage to stock it?

And, if you purchased it, would it be reported to your spouse…employer…the government?


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