Friday, January 29, 2021

Did Man Cause Climate Change Or Climate Change Cause Man?


Climate change, like the Orange Man, is bad say progressives. Funny, I thought progressives welcomed change, disdained the status quo and tolerated new things. I guess when it comes to the climate they are reactionaries.

In any case, climate change is not solely, mostly, or even significantly caused by man. A brief review of some important events in climatological history will help us gain some perspective.

First, there was nothing.

Then there was the “Big Bang,” according to experts. And everything.

That was a pretty big change. The biggest ever. And we didn’t even exist. The Earth was born. The planet’s entire land mass, dubbed “Pangaea,” was connected at first. Eventually, it split up and the now separate continents drifted apart, taking up residence in roughly their current locations. Another big change. We weren’t around then, either.

  Somehow, dinosaurs arrived… and then were made extinct. No Homo Sapiens trod the planet at the time. Ice ages came…and went. Mile thick glacial ice sheets pushed hundreds and thousands of miles farther south in the northern hemisphere, and then retreated due to a rapidly warming Earth. Few humans, and fewer domesticated animals, existed There were no factories and no fossil-fuel-based energy production or consumption.

 Yet all these massive cosmic and planet-wide changes happened.


 Ergo, it is simply logically impossible to assert with smug certainty that humans are the cause of most or all of the climate change that may be occurring today. We were, however, apparently the result of the many massive cosmic and global changes that preceded us.


              “Man-caused climate change?” Not so much.


 Climate change caused man? Maybe.


The left blames nearly everything on man-caused climate change. Drought. Floods. Global warming. Global cooling. Poverty, starvation, riots, war, emigration, mud slides, the increase in invasive species, the decline of the bee population, bleaching of coral reefs, and probably skyrocketing college tuition.


Using the left’s own “reasoning,” could we also assert that climate change has caused the dramatic increase in the number of men who identify as women and vice-versa? Just as progressives state that global warming causes or includes global cooling (hence the need for the term “climate change”), and that one or the other-- or both simultaneously-- are occurring as a result of man’s activities, there are some men and women who prefer to identify as the opposite gender…or both genders at the same time… or neither gender at all. Or as any of the other 70-some-odd currently recognized “genders.”  


 It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to see that the increase in the numbers of those confused about their gender eerily parallels the purported rise in global temperatures in the last several decades. Coincidence? I think not.


 Leftists are all for changing mores, changing genders, changing demographics, technological change, etc., etc. Former President Barack Obama famously touted “change you can believe in,” and “hope and change.” However, they can’t countenance change in the things they can’t control, like the ever-changing climate of planet Earth.


              There is a famous passage from the Serenity Prayer:


God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference.


Progressives have this exactly backward. They think they can change the climate. They believe they can determine their own sex. And they will never accept otherwise. But they don’t have the courage to change their minds.


Many don’t believe in God, either. Although, ironically, many seem to believe they are God.


Clearly, they do not have the wisdom to know the difference.  



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