Sunday, July 12, 2020

Vandals Cut Down Flagpole At 9/11 Memorial

              A flagpole at a memorial just outside of New York City, honoring five firefighters who died trying to save lives in the terror attack of September 11th, 2001, was cut down by vandals recently. The city’s soon-to-be massively underfunded police department is investigating. The damage to the display in Washingtonville, about 30 miles north of New York, was discovered on Wednesday morning, July 8th. Brian Zaccaro, the town’s police chief, told the Times-Herald Record that vandals severed the pole five feet up from its base and then scrawled a message on the part of the pole remaining. A message that police rather ominously declined to disclose. They did note, however, that the eagle figure that had been attached to the top of the flagpole was found next to a toppled sign at the St. Mary’s Parish Center a half-mile away.

              This is a good illustration of who The Mob is and what it’s about. Cutting down an American flagpole at a site honoring firefighters who died helping others when foreign terrorists attacked America killing roughly 3,000 people of all races and religions certainly makes their motives clear. This never had anything to do with race. It is an all-out assault on the United States and its founding principles. It is also an attack on excellence, hard work, capitalism and Christianity. This is also an attempt to threaten people into renaming towns like Washingtonville and to disavow the legacy of the Founding Fathers. It is, ultimately, an attempt to pave the way for Socialism and a Marxist government. (As BLM openly states on its web page.)

              Police officers around the ever more fruited plain are retiring or walking off the job before they get defunded, laid off, or permanently dismissed. There should be a memorial to them, but it would just get destroyed anyway.

 Washingtonville police may not have disclosed the domestic terrorists’ message, vile as it may be, but it was utterly clear anyway: “We choose evil over good, chaos over the rule of law. We hate the U.S. and everything it stands for. We hate you, too, and we are coming for you. We know you are too weak to stop us.”  

 Unfortunately, in that, it appears they are correct.

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