Thursday, July 2, 2020

Minneapolis City Council Members Hire Private Security

           The far-left Minneapolis City Council recently voted-- once again-- to disband the city’s police force. Unanimously. In response to a question on national television, one of them famously (infamously) replied that if your house is being broken into in the middle of the night and your first impulse is to call the police, that impulse is coming from a “place of privilege.” Better to let countless folks of all races get robbed, raped and killed than take the chance that one more black man with a lengthy rap sheet should be the tragic victim of a rogue bad cop.

           Now three members of that very same city council have hired private security to protect
themselves from lawlessness and criminality. Andrea Jenkins, Phillipe Cunningham, and Alondra 
Cano —all of whom have been outspoken proponents of defunding and disbanding the police — are
 costing city taxpayers $4,500 per day in private security fees, KMSP-TV reported. A city 
spokesperson told the station that the city has spent over $63,000 of taxpayer’s money on security for 
the despicable trio over the past three weeks. The private security details “are intended to be a 
temporary bridge until other security measures can be implemented by council members,” according
 to KMSP. Like moats and draw bridges, perhaps?

          Jenkins claims she has been receiving “threatening communications” from “the large number 
of white nationalists in our city,” a claim utterly preposterous on its face. There are no more than a 
handful of “white nationalists” in Minneapolis, an overwhelmingly progressive city, and what few 
there may be are seldom if ever seen or heard from. I know. I’ve lived there. She understandably may 
have received uncomfortable communications from her neighbors…whose tax money is paying for
 her protection while she has abandoned them to the figurative wolves. Talk about taxation without 

       The Minneapolis Police Department told KMSP there has not been a single police report filed for threats against any of the city's council members, though it added one could conceivably have been filed confidentially.

    What a place of privilege these asshats come from! If they refuse to protect the people they “serve,” they certainly deserve no protection. They are sentencing countless others to needless risk, worry—and death-- by disbanding the police force. They should be willing to accept the same fate.

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