Saturday, July 25, 2020

Mainstream Media (America's Enemy): A Tale Of Two Speeches

Barack Obama/Joe Biden/Hillary Clinton/Elizabeth Warren/Andrew Cuomo/AOC, etc., etc.:

“If you own a business, you didn’t do it. We have to be careful of supporters of Donald trump, half of whom I say are in a basket of deplorables. You know, they cling to their God and their guns. Far-right radical skinhead white supremacists are the biggest threat to this country.”

NYT/Washington Post/CNN/MSNBC, et. al.: “In a magnificent, soaring speech, pleading for togetherness, seeking to heal and unify this country, Obama [or fill-in-the-blank progressive Democrat] masterfully showed who is who and what must be done. This sent thrills up the legs of many in attendance—and indeed of those listening around the world.”

President Trump:

 “There is nothing we cannot do, nothing we cannot achieve, if we recognize our history and our calling. After all, we are Americans, no matter what race, ethnicity, sex or origin. This great nation of ours has produced people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman, Dr. Martin Luther King and Muhammed Ali."

NYT/Washington Post/CNN/MSNBC, et. al.: “In a dark and divisive speech, President Trump pushed racial hatred and intolerance, lauded white supremacy and desperately tried to hide his grave mishandling of the coronavirus which has led to the tragic death of millions of Americans, nearly all of them people of color, whom he obviously and openly despises.”


“Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Drive safe. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.”

New York Times/Washington Post/CNN/MSNBC, et. al.: “In an eloquent, soaring speech, fairly dripping with good will, the president thanked those in the massive crowd for coming, taking the time to personally recognize their individual genders, and extending heartfelt wishes for their safe travels and future blessings. A glorious speech, appealing to the better angels in our nature.”


“Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Drive safe. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.”

New York Times/Washington Post/CNN/MSNBC, et. al.: “In a dark, divisive and remarkably tone-deaf address, the down-on-his-luck and increasingly desperate President Trump chose to cling to traditional white, patriarchal jargon, totally excluding members of the LGBTQIIA+ community when thanking “ladies and gentlemen” for attending his diatribe against humanity. He then disingenuously purported to wish those few in attendance well by saying “drive safe,” utterly dismissing any who may have walked, biked or taken public transportation. This deliberate slander was, of course, especially hurtful to those who didn’t pass their driver’s exams, which we know are specifically designed to prevent peoples of color from obtaining a license to operate a motor vehicle. In closing, The Divider-in-Chief, in characteristic hyper-Christian fashion, invoked a non-existent ‘God’ (giggle) in a misguided attempt to praise and bless his supporters and the Whites Only Need Apply Nation of which he is apparently so proud. Moreover, he refused to wear a facial mask while speaking and cowardly avoided the opportunity to talk about the devastating effects of the Trump Virus, or COVID-19 if you prefer, and his many—and glaring—mistakes in dealing with it.”

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