Saturday, July 11, 2020

Students Offended By Nearly Everything

              Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret went to a college campus to ask students their views on the cancel culture, specifically the movement to remove potentially offensive college mascots, symbols and statues. Neret presented the young scholars with images including the University of Florida’s “Gator Bait” chant/gesture, the San Diego State University Aztec mascot, the George Washington University and College of the Holy Cross logos, and the weather vane at Dartmouth College.

              Suffice it to say, most students were offended by almost everything. One said of the George Washington University Colonials mascot, “Why would you have a mascot of someone who basically stole land.” I smell talk of reparations! I wonder if the students who are “enabling” the school would be willing to pay up first?

              Neret asked students what standard should be used to determine if something is offensive. One replied, “It’s hard because what is allowed for these things to happen is that someone, probably...there was ignorance.” Yes, “someone, probably…there was ignorance.” There certainly is ignorance now. Nowhere more so than on college campuses. Another remarked, “I really think it’s at your own discretion.” That clearly appears to be the case today. There are an astounding number of freelance offendees around the fruited plain, many of them clogging our highways and byways.

              Then Neret asked the youthful academics how many students should have to be offended for colleges and universities to take action. Many responded that just one student saying they were offended should be enough to warrant changes. One. “If one person has offended me, as president of the school, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that one person feels comfortable,” one tutee said. What about the one who offended that student? What if he or she is offended by their being offended? If that is the standard, nothing and no one would be allowed. Someone is offended by virtually everything. Many people love dogs. Some are offended by them. Some are offended by meat, some by vegetarians. Some are offended by Fords, others by Chevrolets. Some cultures are offended by burping, some if you don’t burp. And aren’t all cultures equal? I, for one, am greatly offended by people so easily offended they believe they have the right to tear down public statues and burn down private businesses.

              Maybe we should just eliminate everything and all just cancel each other out. That sounds like a recipe for a prosperous, healthy and happy society, doesn’t it?

              I am “offended” by brussels sprouts. I don’t like their taste-- or their smell while cooking. But if someone is eating them across the table from me, I don’t have the right to reach across, grab their plate and smash it on the floor. Nor do I have the right to demand a ban on the manufacture and sale of brussels sprouts in the United States. Or even a separate “safe room” in which to consume my dinner unmolested by the vile Belgian mini-cabbages.

Yes, the round green vegetable got its name because they were routinely cultivated in Belgium in the 16th century. Say, isn’t that a clear case of “appropriation?” I find that offensive. And I came across that fact on a website called Southern as in the Deep South, the confederacy. It’s probably run by crackers draped in Confederate flags! That is offensive to me!

When the phrase “All Lives Matter” is considered by many to be patently offensive, you know that society is near collapse.

And that should be offensive to everyone.

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