Friday, February 15, 2019

Real Racism, Boundless Bigotry

                In this sad, politically-correct age, where everyone strives to be offended by something, we are told that we must believe women, in every case, no matter what. We can’t say anything critical of an African-American, Hispanic or Muslim. Members of the ever-growing, ever more assertive LGBTQIA+ community are sacrosanct. One mustn’t disparage a Native-American. Even Satanists and Wiccans are demanding respect as they enter the societal mainstream. And don’t even think of teasing a progressive—unless you enjoy observing the hissy-fit that will inevitably ensue.
                Everyone is free, however, to join in the orgiastic frenzy of vicious, ad hominem attacks on the current President of the United States, Donald trump. Odd.
                There is another incongruous fact about the current obsession with identity politics and offensive terminology. The vast majority of nasty nicknames for racial and ethnic groups come from…racial and ethnic groups. That’s correct, most of the derogatory names for minorities have historically been coined by competing ethnic and racial groups in close proximity. Whether it has been the English and Irish, Serbs-Croats-Slovakians-Slovenians, Chinese-Japanese, Greeks and Italians, Shiite and Sunni Muslims, Jews and Arabs, or the Russians and, well, almost everyone else, ethnic factions have been badmouthing each other…… and fighting each other…… since time immemorial.
                Historically, the sad fact is: the more homogenous a nation, the less volatile.
                The one great exception to that rule has been the United States of America. Never has there been so large a country so diverse in terms of race, nationality and religious affiliation. Yet, due to its few, yet vital, founding concepts and ideals—and the subsequent melting pot—the U.S. has been staggeringly successful. And that success is broad-based. African-Americans have been presidents and Supreme Court Justices, women attend college at a greater rate than men, people of any nationality can do or be whatever or whomever they wish, Mosques dot the landscape, gays earn more money-- on average-- than heterosexuals do, lakes and places are reverting back to their Native-American names, and illegal aliens are sheltered in sanctuary cities.
                And yet, ironically, hypocritically and demonically, the country-- and a significant portion of its population—are under sustained attack as never before for being racist, homophobic, and misogynistic. The most prosperous, tolerant—and decent—nation in the history of the world is being treated by leftists as if it were the Third Reich. Don’t laugh, they are using those very comparisons, throwing truly offensive (not to mention patently absurd) terms around like “fascist,” “Nazi” and “Hitler.” Most of those lobbing verbal neutron bombs around are themselves white and privileged. And they rarely get called on it, in large part due to fake news outlets and the (mock) media. Amazing.
                Tragically, in part because of the incessant drumbeat of malicious lies, the country is now split. Progressives, ironically, have smeared and slandered those who hold traditional values, marginalizing them-- and even excluding them from college campuses and mainstream media outlets. They aren’t just guilty of inadvertent “micro-aggressions,” they have used brutal language and even violence to further their ends. Moreover, if those they are savaging ever have the temerity to defend themselves or fight back, they redouble their attacks and re-slander their victims as deplorable, right-wing hate-mongers prone to violence.
    And they now wish to impeach a president, not because that president committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” but because they want to…consolidate their power. If they are successful, republican government of, by and for the people is dead.

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