Thursday, February 7, 2019

Democrats Then And Now

                Contrast what Democrats/liberals used to believe in with what they do now: limited government vs. unlimited, big-spending, intrusive, cradle-to-grave nanny statism.  Individual rights vs. identity/group politics. Natural Law and negative rights vs. state granted “positive” rights. The rule of law vs. the rule of law for elites, mob rule for everybody else. Freedom of religion vs. freedom from religion. Pulling oneself up by one’s own bootstraps vs. an all-out entitlement and grievance-based society. The right to life vs. the right to unfettered abortion and assisted suicide. (Though the death penalty is an abomination!). Respect for the divine vs. all out hatred for Christianity. (God was “booed” at the 2012 Democratic National Convention). Freedom of speech and assembly vs. “hate speech” laws and limited “free speech zones.” The right to self-protection vs. attempts to ban firearms.
                Many leftists are power hungry, many others mentally ill. The majority of them want to ban cigarettes but legalize marijuana, a substance with more carcinogens then cigarettes, putting aside its many other damaging effects. They are offended if the Ten Commandments show up in a public space, but often defend Satanist’s rights to place a statue of Beelzebub in the same venue. They are against increasing the military’s budget, refuse to fund a border wall, yet will brook no limit on entitlement spending, or much of anything else. They have no problem robbing from citizens with gainful employment to give free stuff to non-citizens who come here illegally.
                Progressives often mock Christianity but go out of their way to praise Islam as a “religion of peace.”. Even as they purport to love the LGBTQ community, members of which would be stoned or put to death in some Muslim nations. And, unlike most of their predecessors, many modern feminists actually despise men and deem them “unnecessary.” They talk incessantly of “toxic masculinity,” yet they elevated Linda Sarsour to co-chair of the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. Sarsour is a Muslim American separatist who wears a hijab and vociferously defends the very sharia law codes under which women around the planet are subjugated and oppressed. (And are often made the victims of “honor killings” if they engage in adultery or even premarital sex).
                A rational person could literally go crazy trying to make sense of this. The harsh truth is: no other rational conclusion can be drawn but that progressive Democrats disdain America’s founding documents and fathers, hate traditional Western values and Judeo-Christian principles, and, well…hate America and Americans.

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