Tuesday, February 19, 2019

CNN Helps Kamala Harris Pick Out A Jacket

             Kamala Harris is running for president. Obviously, she will need to dress the part. So she went clothes shopping recently, with a couple of her best friends and a gaggle of reporters. Oh, I guess they are one and the same. Kaitlin Huey-Burns, a reporter for CBS, tweeted a video of Ms. Harris trying on a jacket in a Columbia, South Carolina boutique, accompanied by the text: “When the campaign trail takes you to a boutique and Maeve Reston spots a great sequined jacket for Kamala Harris to try on. #campaignfashionreport.”

            Reston is a CNN national political journalist.

            The video shows Harris (D-CA) trying on the Reston-approved jacket and posing in a mirror. At which point all the women burst into laughter because the jacket is a bit “loud.” NBC reporter Ali Vitali credited her fellow “journalist” Reston for inspiring the moment. Now this is “real” news. Real “inspiring.” What’s next? Will the candidate and the “journalists” get their nails done together while chatting about “The Bachelor?”
CNN has a long and storied history of casually cozying up to Democrats. The network’s Dana Bash took Nancy Pelosi out for ice cream recently-- in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland-- and proudly aired the segment shortly thereafter.
Not to be outdone, MSNBC has announced it will film a segment in which Joe Scarborough helps Elizabeth Warren pick out a skirt, and another in which Rachel Maddow helps Joe Biden shop for shoes. Moreover, CBS’s Jeff Glor is set to assist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in purchasing a negligee, while ABC’s “The View” co-hosts will help Cory Booker (D-N.J.; aka ‘Spartacus’) find just the right jock strap.
Conversely, no one at Fox News has yet offered to help President Trump with any part of his wardrobe.

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