Sunday, February 3, 2019

Deep State Demonstration

                Roger Stone was taken into custody in a now infamous pre-dawn raid. Many heavily armed swat-team members were sent to get him-- in numerous vehicles, two helicopters and a brace of gunboats. (Armed agents in boats, ergo gunboats). The authorities had a battering ram at the ready. They also got Stone’s deaf wife, Nydia, out of bed and paraded her outside in her nightgown. Barefoot.
                All this for a “process crime?” Why? Why, in an age where 3rd-term abortions are being legalized, illegal aliens are welcomed and granted special rights and favors, police are under attack for heavy-handed arrests, criminal and prison-reform laws are making things easier for those already charged or incarcerated, Antifa is allowed to roam the streets with impunity, and politicians we know broke laws-- like Hillary Clinton, for example—are given passes on any and all prior misbehavior?
                It doesn’t make any sense to a rational mind. Until that rational mind fully realizes the depth of bias and corruption in The Swamp. Former President Obama and his henchmen and women, such as Eric Holder and the aforementioned Hillary Clinton, utterly politicized and weaponized every single major governmental department over the course of eight years of “fundamental change.” Their administration was nothing short of a sleeper cell designed to remake America from the inside out. And a remarkably successful sleeper cell it was. Republicans whined or even raised their voices at times, but, as always, slunk away in the end, pretending things weren’t really that bad. And, after all, faced with relentless ferocity and insanity, it is easier to back down than to consider fighting on at all costs.
                Stone has received death threats, threats to his children, threats to disfigure his wife. He is on the hook for $2 million in legal bills and his consulting business has been destroyed. He may well go to prison. Which led CNN’s (Comedy News Network) Jake Tapper to say, “He might like it.” Which would have led to his dismissal if he had said that about any Democrat/progressive potentially in line to be imprisoned. I don’t recall Jake or any of his fellow “journalists” making that remark in reference to any Islamic terrorist.
                This raid was carefully designed to do two things: first, to embarrass the Trump administration and those around it, and, second, to terrify anyone who may be a part of it in the future.
                This raid was the Deep State version of “Shock & Awe.”

    What it really did was Disgust & Sadden.

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