Monday, September 24, 2018

RINOs, The Swamp, And The Blue Wave

                The stock market at an all-time record high. A booming economy. Record-low black unemployment. Record low Hispanic unemployment. Record low unemployment rates for women. For the first time ever, more job openings than people to fill them. ISIS diminished, on the run. Fewer domestic instances of radical Islamic terror. A military being rebuilt. Strong retail sales. Average wages rising for the first time in…a long time. Robust 4.1% GDP growth. Major businesses coming home. Tax rates lowered for the vast majority of Americans. Employees receiving bonuses. Etc., etc., etc.
                Yet there is something more incredible than all of this put together: the stupefying inability of Republicans to capitalize on this vast treasure-trove of good news that President Trump has given them. For all the progress, economic and otherwise, there is legitimate talk of a coming “blue wave.” That’s correct, despite bullet-proof talking points handed to them on a (golden platter), the large majority of Republicans are once again proving too stupid and timid to utilize them.

                Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s what they do.

    The relatively few Republicans who have functioning cerebrums and frontal lobes in conjunction with a backbone, have done well by simply citing the economy and the desire to protect their citizens from gangs, crime, and various ills attendant to large influxes of illegal aliens. It’s not rocket science, and it simply requires telling the truth. Too many Republicans, appalled at President Trump’s occasionally unmannerly behavior, wish to be seen as fair and caring, and are afraid to offend anyone. Remarkably, they are far more worried about losing any one vote than they are about cementing the votes of countless thousands. Theirs is a special kind of dementia. In and of itself, a sad sight to see. Combined with their sheer cravenness, it is pathetic and appalling.  
                These “RINOs” appear to believe that if they are tolerant and decent and bend over backwards to accommodate their opponents and accusers (see the “Dr.” Christine Blasely Ford-Brett Kavanaugh farce) they will be treated with respect and prove that they aren’t the racist, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, mean old deplorable-enabling troglodytes that their opponents have smeared them as. How’s that working out for them? Like it always has. It isn’t.
                The only way to counteract the increasingly hysterical attacks of the left is to call them out for it. And fight the hell back. With firmness, reason and logic.
    Republican candidates: the left and their abettors in the mainstream media may on rare occasions seem to like you better if you are the picture of decorum and don’t fight back, but only to the extent that you agree with them. And this is because you are no longer a threat to their agenda. Period.
   The handful of Republicans who have shown the most courage in the face of adversity— think Trump and Cruz for example— have usually fared well. If you are waiting for many others to learn that lesson, don’t hold your breath. There is a connection there, but it’s a bridge too far for RINOs to cross.

   Besides, The Swamp is calling.