Saturday, September 22, 2018

Believe All Women

                “Believe all women.”

                That phrase should be insufferably offensive and appalling to……all women. A phrase so exclusionary, so biased, so trite, so close-minded and so steeped in stereotyping should be anathema to any sentient being. Why? If one has to ask, one is probably incapable of rational thought. Which would be the case with anyone tritely tossing “believe all women” around. The user is immediately exposed as a person bereft of reason and devoid of the subtlety of mind necessary to process complex or contradictory information.
                Moreover, they obviously eschew the fundamental precepts of American jurisprudence: innocent until proven guilty and due process. “Bleep it!” they say, “I want this to be true, therefore it is true! So there! Don’t agree? Then shut up!” Border collies are smarter and more reasonable than that, and far less prone to temper tantrums.
                The message of the phrase is so ridiculous, so beyond the pale it should be embarrassing to anyone who uses it or accepts it at face value. “Believe all women,” huh? That’s logically impossible. No sane person could simultaneously believe all the women who’ve accused Bill Clinton of sexually harassing them and Hillary Clinton who has repeatedly called them lying hussies.
                “Believe all women?” Does this include the two that have accused Keith Ellison of harassment and physical abuse?”
                “Believe all women?”  Does this include Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and Ann Coulter? Apparently not.
                “Believe all women?” Including all Republican women who are debating their Democratic opponents?
                “Believe all women?” Does this include the millions who devoutly believe abortion is a sin?
                “Believe all women?” Does this include all women who devoutly believe?
                “Believe all women?” Perhaps that’s a bit arbitrary. Why, then, shouldn’t we believe all white, Christian males? Or all transgendered mulatto accountants?
                “Believe all women?” Those who believe in the veracity of that phrase are still free to think what they will.

They just don’t want others to have that same freedom.  

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