Thursday, September 13, 2018

From Genesis To Conclusion

    We now debase, demean and denigrate the good, the meaningful, and the holy, while we elevate, champion, indeed worship the low, the crass, the banal, the meaningless, and even the unholy.
                The divine is ridiculed, sex is cheapened, and religion mocked in every corner of our “culture.” The Lord’s name is taken in vain on a continuous basis, conservative women are called “c**ts,” or worse, with no consequence. “Hooking up,” is the generic, no-strings attached term that has stripped the act of sexual intercourse of any sacred connotations. Violence, murder and various other criminal acts form the basis and plotline of nearly every single television show or movie. And video game, for that matter. That’s entertainment! Songs proclaim “I’m Going Straight To Hell” while those performing it yuck it up.  “Artists” can place Christ in a jar of urine, put dung on an image of Mother Mary, or call a gold-plated toilet “America,” and receive critical praise for these “works.” “Fuck” is used so often by almost every man, woman and child that it might as well be a definite article. “The” might be the only word more commonly uttered by many. “G*ddamnit” is another ubiquitous expression that is politically correct, but, G*ddamnit, don’t say “All lives matter” or use an “incorrect” pronoun when addressing a man who identifies as a woman, or they’ll put your tit in a ringer!
              Christianity is passé. Drag-queens are reading to our young kids in school. Everywhere gays are proud-- and growing prouder all the time. Transgenders roam free-range bathrooms. The LGBTQ Community rules the day. Pampered, grotesquely-high-paid professional athletes refuse to stand for the National Anthem, but wallow in the most vile rap songs.
 What’s worse, hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money is used to help exterminate hundreds of thousands of babies each year.

 All this in the land of the (guilt) free and the home of the (recently) depraved.

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