Sunday, September 9, 2018

Children Defer To Robots

                A study published recently in Science Robotics (Order today, operators standing by!) shows that children aren’t just highly susceptible to peer pressure, but that they can be easily persuaded by robots. The study, titled “Children conform, adults resist,” was an experiment whereby European researchers sat down with 43 kids aged 7 to 9, one at a time, at a table with three small humanoid robots. They proceeded to ask the kids—and the robots— visual questions such as “which of these lines is the same length as that one?” Turns out, when the robots all gave a wrong answer, the kids would too. The study’s authors say the children were “significantly influenced” by their robot peers, to the point that 74 percent of the kids’ wrong answers were the same as the robot’s wrong answers, word for word.
                The researchers also tested 60 adults, and they fared much better against the robots. They wrote: “Adults do not appear to normatively conform to the humanoid robots used in the study.” (I would suggest many if not most adults do conform to the ubiquitously regurgitated opinions of the humanoid robots in the mainstream media).
                Just as the 60’s radicals took over key positions in the government, these kids will someday, too. It has always been a source of amazement to me how easily the ignorant are persuaded. When one doesn’t know history, declines to follow current events, and therefore has no avenue to develop his or her own considered opinions on matters of great import, one is easily led by the nose to attest to the correctness of the views promulgated by one’s elite masters, who themselves are often ignorant of the facts or simply choose to ignore or obfuscate them in their pursuit of power.
                Young people are obviously blank canvases that will soak up the prevailing opinions of their elders in positions of power and influence, such as those in the media and academia. That those in these professions routinely try to squelch free speech and chasten anyone who doesn’t agree with them is sick in and of itself.
                What this child abuse leads to is even worse: kids who are so docile and morally and intellectually impoverished that they don’t have the courage to disagree with a machine.
                Witnessing the extent to which so many are cowed by monolithic, robotic governments and fashionably fascistic groups like the Mainstream Media, Big Academia, Hollywood and antifa, one might say we are all childish now.

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