Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Abortion Now "Self-Care"

                Orwellian Doublethink has, literally and figuratively, reached new heights—and lows—with a new billboard looming over a Dallas highway. The large sign is sponsored by The Antifa  Afiya Center and proclaims: “Black women take care of their families by taking care of themselves. ABORTION IS SELF-CARE.”
                Actually, abortion prevents people from having families. If we can’t even agree that the more of your offspring you kill, the less of a family you’ll have, there is no point in continuing to communicate. ABORTION IS SELFISH. Of that, there can be no doubt. If you wish to engage in risky--  if pleasurable—behaviors, yet refuse to take responsibility for the consequences, deeming it better to off your own son or daughter (known as a “fetus” by progressives) rather than be inconvenienced…that doesn’t label you as gifted in “self-care,” it brands you as a monster.
   Leftists don’t even believe that people have the right to use lethal (or, in some cases, any) force to defend themselves if someone breaks into their home to rob or assault them. That would be the very epitome of self-care. However, they do think that a pregnant girl should be allowed to end the nascent life of her innocent child if she so desires. (Yet, those in the former case didn’t invite their assaulters in).
  Those in the Afiya Self-Centered Center consider abortion to be “a medical procedure,” and a safe one at that. Clearly, it’s the opposite of “safe” for the baby. A full-frontal lobotomy is “a medical procedure,” too. As is amputation of a leg. Neither of those completely remove a person from this world.
  Afiya Center programming is supposedly designed to “strategically address harmful reproductive health and abortion policies.” What complete and utter bullshit. Harmful to whom? The innocent party or…? If it wanted to address harmful reproductive health and abortion policies, it would emphasize abstinence until commitment, STDs and how they “happen,” and the physical, mental, and spiritual effects of abortion. The center’s website avers that it is “Transforming the Lives of Black Women & Girls.” That may be true, but in a positive or negative way? It is, inarguably, ending the lives of many black girls.

 If abortion is “self-care,” murder is “self-help” and rape is “self-pleasuring.”

 And we are well and truly f**ked.

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