Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Desantis Attacked For Using The Word "Monkey"

                Florida’s sixth congressional district Representative Ron Desantis has been the target of savage, yet baseless, attacks from the usual suspects in the “mainstream media.” Desantis is in a heated race for the Florida governorship with Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, who is black. Desantis called Gillum an “articulate spokesman” for “far-left views” during a recent interview, before imploring Florida voters not to “monkey this up” by electing him.
                Every sane person knows he was urging voters not to “screw” things up or “eff” things up (in the parlance of young leftists) by electing so radical a candidate and blowing up the economy. But progressives will grab hold of anything they think could be useful in branding conservatives as racist/sexist/homophobic/ transphobic/bestialityphobic/necrophiliaphobic/intolerant/bigoted bastards.
                Here are definitions of monkey:
1.       a small to medium-sized primate that typically has a long tail, most kinds of which live in trees in tropical countries. (Desantis obviously didn’t mean this).
2.       a pile-driving machine consisting of a heavy hammer or ram working vertically in a groove. (Desantis obviously didn’t mean this, either, though Gillum probably would be proud of this characterization).

(monkey around/about)
1.       behave in a silly or playful way. (There you have it).

  If the word “monkey”—at least as Desantis used it-- is a racist epithet, then words have no real meaning, apart from that which various groups wish to ascribe to them. And then chaos, confusion and conflict will reign.
         In the late 1960’s, during the Age of Aquarius, a rock band called The Monkees was popular. I have updated their theme song in honor of Ron Desantis:

         Here I come, walkin’
Down the street
I get the rudest looks
And the meanest tweets

Hey, hey, I said “monkey”
And people want to run me aground
But I’m too busy campaigning
To put anybody down

I go wherever I want to
Do what I like to do
Though their attacks are so feckless
There’s always something new

Hey, hey, I said monkey
And Gillum doesn’t want me around
But he’s too busy complaining
To say anything profound

I’m just tryin’ to be honest
Help me keep the hounds at bay
‘Cuz the younger generation
Would love to lock me away

Any time, or anywhere
Just look over your shoulder
Socialists will be there

I’m just tryin’ to be helpful
Preserve the American way
But the younger generation
Would love to lock me away

Hey, hey, I said monkey
Hey, hey, I said monkey

Hey, hey, I said monkey
Guess I’ll be seein’ ya’ ‘round
So you’d better get ready
‘Cuz they’ll soon be tearing you down

Hey, hey, I said “monkey”
As in please do not “monkey this up”
The left’s so busy complaining
Can’t we all grow the eff up?

Hey, hey, I said monkey
And people wanna kick me around
But I’m too busy campaigning
To put anybody down

Hey, hey, I said “monkey”

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