Friday, January 19, 2018

Minnesota Vikings Name, Logo Promoting White Supremacy?

                A writer for recently speculated that the Minnesota Vikings National Football League team would come under fire for its “Vikings” team name during the lead-up to the Super Bowl…should the squad make it to the Big Game. If you ponder that, in light of everything else that’s happened on the political-correctness front lately, it doesn’t seem far-fetched. He listed three primary reasons for his belief:
                One, Minnesota has a relatively low percentage of blacks among its population. (Although the African-American population is growing quickly, fueled by Somali immigrants attracted by the state’s generous welfare benefits). Two, no members of the team have taken a knee during the National Anthem. (Translation: The team’s players aren’t sufficiently, ostentatiously behind the Black Lives Matter Movement). And three, the Vikings logo is the “only major-league sports logo that features an explicitly Caucasian image.” Therefore, he asserts, progressives will start smelling racism. He opines: “Stand by for lots of stories on how few Somalis in Minnesota can afford tickets, and how overwhelmingly Caucasian are the crowds that attend games.”
                The original Vikings were not only apparently un-oppressed themselves, they were the oppressors in many instances. Raiding and plundering, sacking and looting. So we’ve been told, anyway. (Some historians even believe they pillaged as far south as modern-day Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia).
                Moreover, the team hails from “The Great White North,” where it’s white with snow much of the year. In fact, sometimes it snows so hard, there are “white outs.” There are many in the state who hold white collar jobs, though it has its fair share of white trash, too. The Twin Cities even have a suburb named “White Bear Lake!” And isn’t the word “north” itself really just a euphemism for white? White, white, white, white, white…white! Get the picture?
                If Denver University is getting pressured to drop its “Pioneers” nickname (see my post of January 10, “Pioneers No More?”), surely “Vikings” should be discarded. That moniker is made even more offensive in that is has “kings” in it. A male sovereign. Are you kidding me? Is this the 1600s? And the logo…horns? Really? Aggressive males with horns? Horny males? Every self-respecting leftist should feel like a victim of sexual harassment just by glimpsing the team’s helmets or logo. #MeToo!
                But, before we fall into despair, just think of what could be. The team could be shamed into doing the right thing, and actually become a beacon of hope and inclusion, a positive force for tolerance and good. It could renounce masculinity and violence, competitiveness and judgement. How, you ask? The team could keep the purple color scheme and simply replace the horns on its player’s helmets with transgender symbols…and change its name to the Minnesota Pride. How awesome would that be?! And what a statement for equality! Purple Pride, baby! Gay Pride! Transgender Pride! Lesbian Pride! Bisexual Pride! Polyamorous Pride! Two-spirited Pride! Everyone Who Has Ever Felt Marginalized By The White, Straight, Christian Male Hierarchy Pride!
                Alternately, the organization could be rebranded as the “Bi-Queens,” and the formerly iconic- but hurtful- mascot “Ragnar” could be supplanted by a drag queen named, say, Ru Saint Paul.


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