Sunday, January 14, 2018

Switzerland Bans Boiling Live Lobsters

                The government of Switzerland has made it illegal to put live lobsters into boiling water when preparing to eat them, according to The Guardian. The tasty crustaceans will now have to be “stunned” before being boiled. The government order, which takes effect on March 1st, reads: “The practice of plunging live lobsters into boiling water, which is common in restaurants, is no longer permitted. Lobsters will now have to be stunned before they are put to death.”
                “Put to death?” Must we now also give them a last meal and cigarette, and blindfold them before dropping them into the pot? When first taking them out of the seine nets, must we read them their Miranda rights?
                The Swiss Federation’s ruling body helpfully explained that the creatures can be stunned via electrically shocking them, and added that live lobsters must now also be transported in their natural habitat and not on ice or in icy water.
   Their natural habitat is icy water.
   According to the Lobster Institute, a research and educational organization, lobsters have a primitive nervous system, akin to an insect, such as a grasshopper: “Neither insects nor lobsters have brains,” the institute claims. “For an organism to perceive pain it must have a complex nervous system. Neurophysiologists tell us that lobsters, like insects, do not process pain.”
 What beings indisputably have complex nervous systems, yet are still being slaughtered?
 Maybe someday soon the pro-choice crowd will call for babies to be “stunned” before being dismembered and having their brains vacuumed out.   

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