Monday, January 15, 2018

Democrats To Protest Trump's State Of The Union Speech

            Maxine Waters is among a number of Democrats refusing to attend the upcoming State of the Union Address, to be given by President Trump on Tuesday, January 30th. Nancy Pelosi, if she can remember, is among numerous Democratic women who have pledged to wear black in support of the #MeToo movement while attending the annual presidential speech. Talk about putting one’s self above one’s country!
These behaviors would have been unthinkable- or at least considered to be stunningly disrespectful and offensive- in the not-too-distant past. They are, however, now seen as almost de rigueur amongst the progressive elite.
In fact, leftist leaders have come so unglued that I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up wearing “Pussy Hats” and turned their backs to the president while he was speaking. Serial mooning is not out of the question.
Once a solemn occasion witnessed by an august body, the State of the Union address is now being turned into just another opportunity for politically-correct crackpots drunk on their own power to protest anything with which they disagree. Dignity and decorum are out. Posturing and protest are in.
So, don’t be taken aback if Democrats clap and stomp, leave their cell phones on, belch out “black lives matter” in unison while raising their fists, or put their hands in their collective armpits to make farting noises during key parts of Trump’s report. Don’t be flabbergasted if they attempt to “Occupy the House (of Representatives).”
Hell, I wouldn’t be astonished if they chanted “Hail Satan” throughout the night, in solidarity with their pro-choice base.*
The only thing that would leave me gob-smacked is if those on the left side of the chamber acted with class, and the media characterized the speech accurately.

                *Pro-choice activists famously chanted “Hail Satan” to drown out pro-life activists singing “Amazing Grace” during a rally at the Texas capital in 2013.

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