Monday, January 1, 2018

Oregon Passes New Laws

                Public servants in Oregon have been very busy this past year. Busy as the official state animal, in fact. The state’s lawmakers passed hundreds of new bills in the past 12 months, resulting in some 750 new laws, many of which went into effect on January 1. Here is a tiny sample of new laws in the Beaver State for 2018…and beyond:

                *Riding public transportation without paying a fare will be downgraded from a Class A to a Class C misdemeanor.
                *Speed limits for residential streets will be lowered from 25 miles-per-hour to 20 mph.
                *The gas tax will be raised by roughly 13%.
                *The age limit to buy tobacco will be raised to 21-years-old. (I’m betting the lawmakers will soon lower the age limit to purchase marijuana from 21 to 18).
                *Oregon’s judges will now be able to issue “extreme risk protection orders,” allowing them to take away firearms from people deemed an immediate threat to themselves or others, especially family members.
                *Female illegal immigrants will be able to get an abortion paid for by taxpayers.

                What’s next, Oregon? Convicted murderers getting taxpayer funded face-lifts? Multiple-rapists being granted lifetime supplies of Viagra or Cialis, courtesy of the taxpayer?
                And, can a “fetus” get one of those “extreme risk protection orders” slapped on his or her would-be mother? Perhaps the prospective abortionist could have his curette and forceps taken away?

                In providing taxpayer-funded abortions for illegals, Oregon has gone down a trail that should not have been taken. 

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