Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sh*thole Countries

                “Sh*thole countries?” How could he? “As*hole president!”

                I’ve read stories in major American newspapers aghast that this phrase could have been uttered, and asserting that nations around the globe are still recoiling in horror at the insensitive, racist comments. That’s Bullsh*t. All bullsh*t. Much ado about nothing.
                President Trump did not mean to disparage the people of the nations he derided, and it was certainly not a racist comment. He was simply, again, stating a truth. Many of these nations are dysfunctional. Their societies are dysfunctional. They are dysfunctional nations. Not because of their citizens, but because of their governments, often headed by dictators and/or incompetent thugs. Venezuela is a sh*thole nation now, due to the communist governments it has suffered for so many years. Many of its citizens are good people, and that is the tragedy. Their government has ruined their homeland.
                I guarantee you President Obama used that exact term, or one very similar, in private talks. He just wasn’t tattled on, or if he was, the media would’ve covered for him, not exploded in an orgiastic frenzy of vitriol. In fact, then Vice-President Joe Biden gleefully exclaimed, "This is a big f*cking deal!" into President Obama's ear at the healthcare reform signing ceremony back in 2010. Microphones clearly picked his voice up. The result? The media thought it was cute. Authentic. The phrase was actually put on tee-shirts to be sold. It even made Time magazine's list of its 10 favorite Joe Biden moments! But they aren't Republicans. They are Democrats. And they aren't Trump. I’m not sure LBJ ever went five minutes in conversation without going on an expletive-laden diatribe against some person, people or nation. But he was a Democrat. And he wasn’t Trump. 
                CNN was so offended by the term sh*thole, it used it no less than 36 times…on Thursday, January 11th alone, after the “story” first broke. Don’t mind the young ‘uns in the room! Hypocrites.
                Even Martin Luther King’s niece flatly stated that Trump wasn’t racist. Rather, the problem is we have become too soft, too nice for our own good. Immigration around most of the world has traditionally been merit-based. We simply can’t go on allowing unchecked immigration from nations that disdain us, harbor terrorists, demean our founding principles or eschew our freedoms and values. We see the results of unchecked non-merit-based immigration in Sweden’s rising crime rate, in German cities where women aren’t comfortable going out alone at night, in the streets of Paris, in London’s tube…and elsewhere. We see it too, and the aftermath of progressive policies in general, in American cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and even Dearborn, Michigan.
                In America, the Melting Pot was the key to our success. No other country in the world has been more diverse, and as successful. But, ironically, as recent immigrants have been less likely to wish to assimilate, we’ve come to believe that we shouldn’t want them to, and have no right to make them do so. Diversity around the planet has always been problematic, the most peaceful societies typically quite homogenous. With the West’s increasing diversity of race, ethnicity…and everything else…it has ironically- and tragically- lost diversity of thought. If one believes immigration should be legal, controlled, and merit-based, one is considered by the media, academia, and wealthy progressives snugly ensconced in their estates, to be a cad…a cold, selfish, racist, xenophobe.
                Let’s be honest. Inner-city Baltimore is already a sh*thole. That’s not racist. That’s the truth.

                If Western countries don’t soon wake up, they will eventually become sh*thole nations themselves. They just won’t be able to admit it.


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