Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Climate Change Caused Man

                Change?  Yes, and it must be mans fault! (Fault? I thought progressives were all about change and disdained the status quo). Hmmm.  Really? A brief review of some important events in history might gain us some perspective.

               First there was nothing.

              Then there was the “Big Bang.”

              And everything.

             That was a pretty big change.

             Really, the biggest ever. We didn’t even exist. Eventually there was an earth. The entire land mass was as one and was later dubbed “Pangaea” by scientists. Pangaea split up and the now separate continents drifted apart, eventually taking up residence in roughly their current locations. We weren’t around then, either.
              Somehow, dinosaurs arrived… and then were made extinct. Was an asteroid, a meteor, or perhaps vast climate change the culprit?  No Homo Sapiens trod the planet at the time. Ice ages came…and went. Mile(s) thick glacial ice sheets pushed hundreds and thousands of miles farther south in the northern hemisphere. And then retreated  due to a rapidly warming Earth. There were few humans and fewer domesticated animals. There were no factories and no fossil-fuel-based energy production or consumption.
              Yet all these massive cosmic and planet-wide changes happened.

              Which led to us.

              Ergo, it is simply impossible to logically assert (let alone with smug certainty) that humans are the cause of most or all of the climate change that may be occurring today. We were, however, apparently the result of the many massive cosmic and global changes that preceded us.

                ‘Man-caused climate change?’

                Climate change caused man.

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