Sunday, August 10, 2014

Non-Viable Logic

            Many courts now bend over backwards to protect the ‘rights’ of alleged murderers. And , in some cases, convicted murderers. These same courts often bend over backwards, forwards and any other way one cares to name to protect ‘abortion rights’. (An inalienable right from God? Perhaps Jefferson, et. al., forgot to single this one out. They meant to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…and unfettered abortion. “Sorry, our bad”).

            It does seem a tad odd to this parochial, red-state mind that a 15 year old can walk into an abortion clinic, wearing, shall we say, a ‘peace’ belt buckle and butterfly tattoo… and not much else…and kill her kid…sorry, ‘non-viable tissue mass’ without breaking a law or even having to notify her parents’. (Say, ‘non-viable tissue mass’ is an interesting phrase given that every single human being that has ever lived was also a ‘non-viable tissue mass’ at that same point in their lives/gestation, etc. by their very definition. Yes, libs, every one who has ever lived has proved the stupidity and falseness of that heinous, callous, mean-spirited euphemism of yours. Billions and billions of times over).

            Yet, if that same girl were to light up a cigarette…the horror. She’d be mocked, chastised and rebuked, if not charged; her parents would be notified, and the business where she bought the cigs from might be fined, banned from selling all tobacco products for a month, perhaps exposed on t.v. and held up for general ridicule and contempt.

            Logic is not a strong suit of liberal dogma.



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