Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Soviet Union Lite (That's U.S.)

                A 16-year-old Philadelphia girl, Samantha Pawlucy, was mocked by her geometry teacher for wearing a Mitt Romney tee-shirt to school in September of 2012. Based on all the articles and excerpts I’ve read, it appears clear that her teacher went into the hallway to call other students and faculty into her room to laugh at her. That doesn't seem very nurturing or supportive. Apparently, her teacher also called a ‘non-teaching assistant’ into the classroom who attempted to write on her tee-shirt with a marker. Moreover, she allegedly told Samantha to remove her shirt (!) and that she would be given another one to wear.

                This ‘teacher’ went on to ‘explain’ that Carroll was a “Democratic school” and that “wearing a Republican tee-shirt was akin to wearing a KKK shirt.”

                At one point, she claims, upon returning to school to find this same teacher still teaching her class, she was embarrassed  and distressed and hid in the bathroom, fearing retaliation or even expulsion.

                One of the things Samantha liked about Mitt Romney’s candidacy was his stance on late-term abortion. This episode is just another example of the consistency of the the tolerant, inclusive, we-are-all-the-same liberal-progressive dogma. They try to abort anyone…or anything…or any idea…that gets in the way of their power and control. And they do it by flat-out lying about their political opponents, who they usually accuse (falsely) of actions and intentions and opinions that they themselves actually hold. These are  true fascists. Brutal, hypocritical, mindless thugs who hold themselves up to be superior ‘intellectuals’.

                Tragically, for various reasons that may be addressed in another posting, they have largely been successful in this mean-spirited , intolerant, non-inclusive suppression of thought, ideas, democracy and freedom. ("Tea-Baggers"). I wish I could call them the ‘one-percenters’, but truthfully I’d be mistaken. They may be three or four or five percent –or much more- of the population. Those that see no problem with forcing all union members to pay dues that go only to certain candidates…Democrats in virtually all cases, whether or not those union members agree with their positions or find them anathema! Those that see one or two media venues still open to political debate and want to shut them down and call the bill that would do that, “The Fairness Doctrine”.

                One of the primary reasons Richard Nixon was impeached was because he was thought to have used government entities such as the IRS to gain and keep  power. Obama? IRS? Oh what the hell, you can’t possibly be talking about impeachment you racist bastard! Apparently, no one wanting Nixon impeached was racist. (I am not a fan of the Nixon presidency. He governed in a very liberal, and consequently damaging, manner. And he was a bit scheming, thin-skinned and power hungry. The anti-Reagan. But so very like…Obama. One little difference though, he didn’t actually hate his country. Which was nice).

                But I digress. Back to Samantha and her shirt. Which, hopefully, her teachers haven’t torn off of her body in the past two years.

                If Mitt Romney is unacceptable to them, (a rather middle of the road, even liberalish Republican) perhaps Stalin or Trotsky would be more palatable. More to the point, this country was founded on freedom of speech. You might recall the first amendment. Liberals love to trot this one out when they want to make sure they can say any dirty word imaginable in print or on air. They don’t like it, however, when it’s used for what it explicitly was designed for…to protect political speech of all kinds…to foster ideas and thought.

                One other thing. Does anyone really believe that if Samantha had worn an Obama/Biden tee-shirt to this school that she would have been singled out,  taken to task, mocked and ridiculed?


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