Sunday, August 24, 2014

We've Re-discovered Columbus!

                 Depending on which revisionist-history argument you follow, either Christopher Columbus was a clueless navigator who stumbled on the New World by accident, landing in the Bahamas, yet thinking he had found Asia, or he landed on the North American continent and promptly started doling out generous portions of alcohol  to the Native Americans there to welcome him.

                The first scenario is the one currently in vogue among scholars. In this one, he also, apparently, accidentally found his way back across the Atlantic to Spain, the mother country, and showed up at Royal Court to explain how awesome he was.

                In the second scenario, the early colonists he ferried to the New World relied on the few Native Americans that didn’t promptly die from alcoholism (or the massive influx of European diseases they callously brought to the New World) to teach them how to hunt and grow corn. This they did, even as all-the-while desperately scheming at  inventing  the internal combustion engine to get global warming started.

                And not only did Columbus not discover America, he didn’t prove the Earth wasn’t flat. Apparently there were single-celled organisms millions of years ago that were aware of that. And scholars now claim that the Vikings, some Asians, African Muslims- and possibly Harry Reid- all beat him to the punch in coming to America.

                I do not doubt that some of the historical revisions might be true…might be corrections. I write this tongue-in-cheek. I wasn’t there. Almost certainly Columbus originally landed on an island in or near the Bahamas while trying to find a route to Asia. Never landed directly on modern-day American soil. But it is amazing how quickly things can turn, with mostly the same information available, and amazing how often done to support an agenda.

                The same folks who are great skeptics about God, or the historical value of America, about anything that any conservative or ‘Tea-Bagger’ says or believes, about the Founder’s and their intentions, or even about the existence of good and evil, gobble up as gospel truth ‘global warming’ doctrine, political-correctness dogma and revisionist history.

                And the self-same people who claimed all through the Bush administration that “Dissent is Patriotic” will try to silence the hell out of you if you dissent from their views.





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