Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Evolution Revelation?

                 A scientist and author-  University of Georgia geneticist-  Eugene M. McCarthy has apparently proposed a hypothesis that humans evolved from a female chimpanzee and male pig mating. (This  has prompted some Twitter vegetarians to compare the eating of pigs to cannibalism). To me this sounds like it’s a bit, a gag, a put-on. Apparently it isn’t.

                So, it wasn’t just the ‘Big Bang’ that brought us here. There was the all-important ‘Pig Bang’ as well. Still…pig+chimp=human? Call me a skeptic (and many have), but I’m a little fuzzy on that ‘math’. Convenient for feminists and the ‘p.c.’ crowd that McCarthy’s somehow determined that the male is the ‘pig’! But then why would the female chimp let the male pig get away with this? I mean she’s got the bigger brain and opposable thumbs, can run on two or four feet/hands, and can use tools, right? Did she have a snout fetish? Like little curly tails?  Can science answer these important questions? It behooves us to figure out how they got to monkeying around in the first place and why she let that swine  pork her. Talk about ‘bringing home the bacon’!

             Forget about Adam and Eve, apparently we’re all indebted to ‘Wilbur’.


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