Wednesday, August 6, 2014


                Obviously, there are homosexuals who can’t 'control' their behavior. Can’t will themselves to be something they are not. Destined by mother nature to be the way they are, how very tragic it would be to even try to change them. Indeed they should be championed. Only a fanatical, right-wing,  homophobic bigot could think otherwise.

                Of this I have no doubt. They should celebrate their ‘queerness.’

                Yet, if this is accepted, and why not, then by logical extension, equality of application, definition…there are certainly those males born- also through no fault of their own- on the other end of the spectrum…who simply can’t help but drop the odd sexist comment. No way they can stop ogling/fondling their secretaries breasts or butts. Or teasing the occasional gay guy.

                Yet this too, then, should be celebrated, not reviled, in a progressive, tolerant, equal, liberated, diverse, non-repressed society! The poor, oppressed hyper-male has no choice. Born this way, you see. Only the biased, bigoted, western Christian society could blame him, the real victim, for his actions. (Again, this is not a critique of gays. It is a plea for logic and honesty. And equilibrium).

               There are so many gender assignations/classifications now, it's impossible to keep track of them. So, I say, what about the male lesbian? Hmmmmmm? What possible chance does he have in our repressed, intolerant society?  Celebrate the He’sbians!

                “We’re fierce, we’re He’sbians, and we’re in your face!”

                Deal with it.

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