Sunday, June 30, 2024

MSNBC Host Shocked And Offended That Many Americans Believe Our Laws Should Be Based On Christian Values


Some lady—I could never ascertain her name—apparently hosting on MSNBC’s “Velshi” program (“Church and State”), recently reported that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was “under fire” for a recording “in which he apparently endorsed the view that America needs to return to a place of ‘godliness.’” (She sneered a bit when uttering the word “godliness,” as if it made her somewhat nauseous.) She was obviously offended by such a statement from “one of the most powerful figures in the country,” a man who is “supposed to be impartial” and not openly embrace the idea of a “theocratic state.”

Returning to a place of “godliness” does not necessarily mean embracing a “theocratic state,” Ms. Whoeverthehellyouare. It was far more likely Alito meant returning to a time of decency, dignity, respect, and the rule of law. And perhaps acknowledgement of the Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule. You know, like not murdering others, pooping in the street, or trying to imprison one’s political opponents. Or are you against those “restrictions,” too? Probably.

              The person that I couldn’t pick out in a crowd of two, even if the other was Rachel Maddow, then stated: “The right’s embrace of overtly Christian nationalism ideology has been on the rise, and it’s a trend that many historians and experts have named an existential threat to our democracy.” It has been anything but on the rise. Attendance at Christian churches is down significantly from just a few short years ago. Christians are openly mocked in movies, on television shows, by comedians, etc., etc.

She then, with complete objectivity, observed that Christian nationalists were “insurrectionists” on Jan. 6 and mockingly noted that “they prayed in the Senate,” and “stated on video their goal to elevate Christianity as an explicitly American principle.” And, of course, she said they wish to propagate the “myth” that America was founded as a Christian nation.

By God godlessness, if those dangerous Christian insurrectionists prayed in the Senate, they should get the electric chair, right? I’m sure she would agree, even though she is obviously someone who values tolerance and inclusion above all else. Goes without saying. We all know that Christianity and the Judeo-Christian work ethic and values played absolutely no part in American exceptionalism, and had nothing to do with our freedoms and the protections granted us by the Constitution, right?

The presenter was similarly aghast that “last year, a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute found that 40% of Americans believe that our laws should be based on Christian values.” Egads! As opposed to what, the whims of progressives? Communists? Muslims? Those in the ruling class? Gay Capricorns who were born on a Thursday? People like herself? Having no laws at all?

I was blissfully unaware that the Ali Velshi show and this mystery (to me) woman existed until now-- and fervently wish I could go back to that more pleasant state. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about MSNBC, as I have been painfully aware of its existence for some time.

The U.S., and much of the West, has “openly embraced” Christianity for hundreds of years, during which these nations have advanced the cause of human knowledge, freedom, and prosperity beyond measure. Their inventions—medical and otherwise—have led to dramatically longer life expectancies and more leisure time. And a substantially better quality of life, especially for women. Conversely, most of the nations that have not embraced Christianity have not fared as well.

It is, in fact, only very recently that the West has lost its faith and devolved from practicing Christian nations to hyper-secular ones. And it is no coincidence that it has simultaneously lost its confidence, its raison d’ệtre, and its soul. Or that the rates of crime, drug abuse, homelessness, depression, hopelessness, and suicide have skyrocketed…as life expectancy in the U.S. has fallen for the first time in hundreds of years.

Openly embracing unfettered abortion should be shocking. Openly embracing the mutilation of children’s genitalia so that they likely can never experience sexual pleasure should be shocking. Openly asserting that there are an infinite number of sexes/genders should be shocking. Openly embracing open borders with the many attendant horrors should be shocking. Openly supporting the rights of criminals over the rights of citizens should be shocking. Openly supporting the attempted imprisonment of one’s political opponents should be shocking. Openly supporting a return to “godliness” should not be.

We kill hundreds of thousands of babies every year for our own convenience. There is a drag queen in nearly every schoolroom and library. Recreational marijuana is being legalized around the country-- and other illicit drugs in some cases. Gambling is ubiquitous. Strip clubs and liquor stores were left open during the COVID-1984 lockdowns, but churches were not. Yet some of those churches have homosexual priests and pastors leading their flocks and giving sermons…and hosting Pride! events.

All this with a Republican as president for roughly half the years of this century, at least one other branch of government being controlled by Republicans, and with a majority of states having Republican governors. The very last thing we have to worry about is becoming a theocracy! The opposite is the case. And, if we ever do become one, it will likely be a Muslim-led one where sharia law reigns.

On the other hand, our ever-burgeoning hyper-secularism is a clear and present—indeed existential-- danger to this formerly representative republic. It has led us to fall victim to a case of mass cultural amnesia. And to the brink of a rapidly approaching precipice. Should we go over that precipice, we are unlikely to ever return.

The singular difference between the United States and all the nations that had gone before was its open, explicit recognition of natural rights, the idea that all humans are created equal and granted unalienable rights by their Creator. And that, therefore, governments can’t arbitrarily and capriciously take those rights away, as has happened in virtually all monarchical and totalitarian governments throughout history. If that is the “godliness” that so disturbs the MSNBC talking head, so be it.

The founders did not intend for the United States to be an overtly Christian nation, in terms of an official, government sanctioned religion. Nor did they wish it to be a “theocratic state.” That said, they did found the nation on certain Christian moral truths. And they did believe that the law of God should form the basis of good—and legitimate-- human laws.

Make no mistake: those who proclaim their “progressiveness”-- and who disdain “godliness”—are actually regressive…and looking to take those rights away from us.

We mustn’t let them do so.



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