Wednesday, June 19, 2024

MSNBC Op-Ed Touts Dads Who Have Aborted Their Babies


A recent op-ed on, by Why not say “Happy Arbor Day to all you serial arsonists?” or “A very merry Christmas to Satanists everywhere?”

Have we really sunk to this level of callousness, immorality, and insanity? In such a short period of time? The answer, sadly, is “yes.” Were there a day celebrating people who are pro-life, this would be like saying, “Happy Pro-Life Day to all the mass murderers out there.” But, of course, there isn’t such a thing as Pro-Life Day, because that would be silly or weird or something, right? “Pro-Life Day,” hah!

The repulsive piece cited Jennifer Reich, a professor of sociology at the University of Colorado, “who told The New York Times in 2022: ‘Everybody benefits when individuals can control their own reproduction…’” This just in: everybody can control their own reproduction…without resorting to abortion. Easily, in fact. Just don’t have intercourse, or at least unprotected intercourse, if you are unwilling to support a child. That’s it. And, unlike an abortion, it doesn’t cost anything and works every time.

The piece referred to abortion as

“I wouldn’t be a father without abortion. Before we met, both my wife and I had experiences with abortion. … If we had not been able to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, we wouldn’t be happily married with a 5-year-old. It would have taken both of our lives in completely different directions.” Abortion didn’t make him a father. Quite the opposite. And calling a pregnancy “unwanted” makes it sound like an outbreak of mold or genital warts. One thing is certain, it took his baby’s life in a different direction. By ending it. I could have stopped after stating “it took his baby’s life.”

“men benefit hugely from access to abortion care.” (“Abortion care?”) Yes, men “benefit hugely” by not having to take responsibility-- financial, emotional, or otherwise-- for their actions. They can continue to be randy pigs if they like.

Except…real men don’t do that. And any “benefit” is more than offset by a loss of pride, decency, dignity, and soul. Whether they know it or not.

Abortion kills more than just the baby. Men who support it so as not to be inconvenienced deserve no praise. And no quarter.



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