Monday, July 1, 2024

Dr. Dome Says American Flag A Symbol Of Hate


Dr. Nancy Dome, a prominent DEI trainer, recently stated that the American flag symbolizes "hate" and "extremism,” according to a report on and something called Past Chronicle. The story, by Sam Watanuki, noted that Dome’s assertion “has ignited a heated debate among educators and the broader community.” Really? “Debate?!” How far we have fallen. The Stars and Stripes has been seen as a symbol of freedom and hope by the majority of people on earth for many decades.

But not Dr. Dome, who, during a recent DEI training session, stated that the American flag is a constant reminder of oppression for Black Americans. (Maybe she meant the Confederate flag.) Dome went so far as to suggest the flags should be removed from schools and workplaces. I’m sure she’d be in favor of replacing it with the LGBTQ flag, or possibly the Hammer and Sickle.

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Dome is a strong advocate for teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools (and workplaces?). Moreover, she believes that employees who do not support DEI initiatives should be summarily dismissed. Now that is tolerance and inclusion! “Anyone who disagrees with me should be fired!” Or caned. Or shot.

Dr. Dome also champions equity over equality, meaning she disdains competence and freedom and supports government coercion. The article states that “She believes that without equity, true equality cannot be achieved,” which means she is an actual, devout racist, besides being nonsensical.

Dr. Dome (I admit her name is fun to say) is Co-Founder and Executive Officer of Epoch Education, a major DEI consultant for large school districts. The organization, too, promotes an equity agenda. 

Epoch Education’s website states, “We are more than experts. We are educators.” It also says it will provide clients with “the knowledge and tools needed to cultivate compassionate mindsets and practices.” Because, apparently, otherwise we’d all be hate-filled idiots.

In truth, the American flag was there when the slaves were freed and the union re-established, flying over the bodies of thousands of dead and injured soldiers who fought to make this so. It was there when our troops landed in Europe, and fought their way across that continent, to free up enslaved nations and defeat fascism. It was placed on the moon, when American astronauts made some dreams come true…and others seem possible. And it has consistently been there when other nations needed help, financial, humanitarian, or other.

Why is it so many of today’s self-proclaimed “educators” disdain the U.S., but believe themselves to be indispensable, the finest souls ever to trod the Earth? Especially the ones with multicolored hair, nose rings, and the LGBTQ flag proudly displayed in their classrooms. Today’s “journalists” have a completely unwarranted sense of their own importance, as well.

Together, they are just another brick in the wall, obscuring the truth and preventing far too many from seeing the light.



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