Friday, February 10, 2023

Boston University Has A "Condom Fairy"


Have you heard of the Condom Fairy? No? Well, unlike, say, the Tooth Fairy, the Condom Fairy actually exists. At least at Boston University. In fact, he/she/it/they just celebrated he/she/it/they’s ten-year anniversary! The Condom Fairy program, according to a Campus Reform article, delivers “free condoms (both internal and external), lube, dental dams, [and] information about sexual health and consent” to students on and off BU’s campus. What’s more, each order includes a sticker depicting the program’s “tiny and sassy winged mascot.” Well, actually mascots, because, in 2022, the Condom Fairy program modernized, expanded, and morphed its erstwhile singular mascot into a “trio of gender-, race-, and body-diverse fairies.” How fun! Why have just one Condom Fairy when you could triple your diverse pleasure?! Does BU have a Vibrator Fairy, too?

Plato, Shakespeare, Locke, Adam Smith? The classics, economics, history, engineering? They never stood a chance against the Condom Fairy.

The Campus Reform report noted “The original slogan from the Condom Fairy’s 2013 launch read, ‘Now flying wherever flies come undone.’” And now there is a squadron of Fairies! 

Boston University’s Student Health Services (SHS) is in charge of the Condom Fairy program and is also home to an "emergency contraception vending machine,” sponsored by "Students for Reproductive Freedom.” (Why not just rely on the Abortion Pill Fairy?)

I can envision a BU student sitting with her parents at the dinner table and her mom or dad saying, “Remember to put the virginity you lost under your pillow tonight sweetie, and, if you’re lucky, the ‘Condom Fairy’ might visit you while you’re asleep!”

Well, we all need protection.

Especially from our colleges and universities.





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