Thursday, February 9, 2023

Abortion Proponents And Euthanasia Fans Coming Together


Mark Meincke, a Canadian Army veteran who served with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, appeared on a  recent The John-Henry Westen Show. Meincke has testified before the Committee on Veterans Affairs in Ottawa about Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying program, or MAID. and the current apparent push for assisted suicide in the military.

A soldier returns from fighting-- and risking his life—for his country and, depressed, reaches out to the very government agency supposedly set up to help veterans deal with PTSD and other trauma…and is promptly offered euthanasia-- instead of help-- by the government agent who took his call.

“Thank you for your service. Would you like us to kill you now?” That couldn’t ever happen, could it?

Yes, it can. An investigation by Veterans Affairs Canada itself verified that this very thing indeed happened, and may have occurred repeatedly over the last several years…though VAC claimed it was the result of just one misguided agent.

Canada’s “Medical Assistance in Dying” program is set to expand from offering assisted suicide to the terminally (physically) ill to offering it to the mentally ill as well starting in March.


A physicians group in Quebec has already proposed euthanizing severely ill infants. What the hell, that’s simply “after-birth abortion,” right?


Where will this stop? Will Trudeau’s government soon offer to off anyone who contracts the next iteration of the coronavirus? Permanently put down athletes who break a leg, sprain an ankle, or pull a groin? Snuff out teenagers after a break-up or spouses after a divorce? Will MAID be available to those dealing with “the heartbreak of psoriasis?”

The Left’s support of assisted suicide is dovetailing with its zealotry for unfettered abortion.

Former President Barack Obama recently tweeted that people need to advance "reproductive rights" for the sake of modern-day families and future generations.

He stated, "On what would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we're reminded that progress can move backward. And that means we've got to recommit to doing our part to protect and expand reproductive rights for families today — and for generations to come.” Meaning we need to protect and expand abortion rights for families today-- and for generations to come.

This kind of talk is more than ironic, more than tone deaf. Were abortion to become ubiquitous, there would be no families…and no future generations.



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