Wednesday, February 8, 2023

State Department Bans Times New Roman Font, Moves To Calibri


At a time when the U.S.-- and indeed the world—is facing an increasing number of deepening crises and heightened instability, it is comforting to know the State Department under President Biden is working hard…on ensuring that only "accessible" font choices grace its documents.


Secretary of State Antony (Winken) Blinken (and Nod), instructed his agency’s staff, via an internal directive, that they are no longer to send him any documents using Times New Roman font, but will instead be forced to use Calibri in an effort to be "more accessible."


The directive, originally obtained by Washington Post reporter John Hudson, states: "Secretary Blinken has directed the department to adopt Calibri, a Sans Serif font in 14-point font, for all paper submitted to the Executive Secretariat.” It added, "Starting February 6, 2023, domestic offices, and bureaus, as well as posts overseas, also should adopt Calibri as the standard font for all requested paper in support of creating a more accessible Department.”

Whew! Praise the Lord!.

The U.S. may well be on the verge of a recession. Inflation is high, crime is rampant, and the southern border is utterly unsecured, leading to a massive influx of illegal aliens, fentanyl overdoses and sex/human trafficking. Moreover, our food processing plants are under attack, energy prices are rising…and, on top of all that, we may be on the precipice of war with Russia.

But, by God, the State Department has decided on a truly accessible font for in-house communications!

So, there’s that. Things may be looking up.

If only we could get the Federal Reserve to dispense with the Hadassah Friedlaender font and move to Calibri or Arial, and the Department of Defense to quit using Forte and move to Verdana, the world might be salvageable after all.



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