Monday, February 27, 2023

Never Let A (Contrived) "Public Health Emergency" Go To Waste


To those who wish to control us, a.k.a. Democrats, nearly everything can be labeled a “public health emergency,” the more nonsensical the better. Nothing makes those you rule over more malleable than declaring a “public health crisis.” Throw fear into the general populace and you can get them to do virtually anything, as the recent plandemic pandemic so clearly—and sadly—showed. Put a mask on your face? Check. Stay away from others? Check. Stay home and don’t leave your place of residence? Check. Skip weddings and funerals of friends and loved ones? Check. Give up your job/means of supporting your family? Check. Allow an unvetted, experimental gene-therapy pseudo-vaccine into your body? Check. Repeatedly? Check. (Of course, those who made us—or attempted to make us—do all these things never intended to do them themselves. Because they are “experts,” “public servants,” rulers…hypocritical, virtue-signaling tyrants.)

Shout “the sky is falling…and unless we take drastic action we’re all going to die” and you not only get most of the sheeple to do what you want, but you can accuse those who don’t wish to obey of being thoughtless, heartless, murderous thugs. It’s a twofer, and brilliantly evil, for people who take pride in such things!

The truth is, we’re all going to die anyway. Some of us, like the Founders who bequeathed us our freedoms, and those who gave their lives defending them, would prefer to die with both our freedoms and our dignity intact.

“Progressives” can go ahead and call climate change, gasoline-powered automobiles, Fox News, Goya Foods, misinformation, hamburgers, and inadequate access to abortion public health emergencies. They can label conservatives, Christians, accountability, and standards and expectations, among many other things, as public health crises. (Or symbols of white supremacy.)

Taxation without representation? We have that. But that’s almost quaint at this point. The globalists in the WEF are now telling us to eat bugs…and that soon we will “own nothing.” And “be happy.”

The good news is, like the American Founders, we don’t have to acquiesce or comply.




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