Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Pfizer Execs Tip Their Hand


The CEO of Pfizer is apparently on board with the WEF’s stated goal of reducing the world’s population by 50%. This seems a reasonable assumption, as he attended the recent gathering of the self-anointed in Davos, Switzerland.

I would, however, ask Albert Bourla and his peers this question: “Which 50% of the world’s people should be dispensed with?” I mean, who gets to decide which one of every two-- or five of every ten-- people we see are expendable? Klaus Schwab? Adam Schiff? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Ilhan Omar? Keith Olbermann? Eric Swalwell? Maxine Waters? RuPaul? Greta Thunberg?

On top of this, Pfizer executive Jordan Tristan Walker was recently caught on film stating that his company is considering deliberately mutating the COVID virus in order to pre-emptively develop a vaccine to fight future strains…and, coincidently, to continue to make unprecedented profits doing so.

Then, when he was subsequently confronted by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, he first claimed he himself was a “liar,” and then attacked O’Keefe, snatching his iPad and throwing it to the ground.

And I’m supposed to allow an experimental gene-therapy pseudo-vaccine into my body made by a company led by a guy who apparently has no qualms about seeing the world’s population reduced by 50%?!! And another who said Pfizer is considering deliberately mutating the virus in pursuit of eternal relevance, power, and profits?

“Gee, I guess I’ll do it if you think it’s best!”








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