Friday, February 11, 2022

Students Encouraged To Accuse, Record Others


                  A University of New Hampshire instructor’s course assignment directs students to "Call in someone on their ableist, racist or homophobic use of language, for micro aggressions (or an act of racism) towards a person of color, homophobia against LGBTQI+ or ableism against a disabled person." Besides the appallingly poor use of language, the direction is notable for attempting to pit students against…well, potentially any and everyone else.

              But that’s not all. Students in the "Introduction to Language and Social Interaction" course are told that they must also record the interaction "in order to get credit.” Nice touch, prof. Telling people to go “Karen” everyone they can and film the confrontations combines two of the worst features of modern life: the desire to tell others what to do (in a pathetic effort to make oneself feel superior), and the all-out assault on privacy…and dignity.

             To my mind, the professor’s assignment is a “macroaggression,” as it essentially forces students to submit to his progressive whims. But maybe that is just an “ableist” observation.

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