Monday, February 7, 2022

Pick Six


Pick Six:

*The pro-abortion organization Catholics for Choice not only openly defies the catechism, but recently projected a pro-abortion message onto the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to protest the parish’s pre-March for Life prayer vigil. Think about that. The purportedly Catholic group projected a pro-abortion message onto a shrine named for the conception—and future birth of-- Jesus Christ. It couldn’t have done anything more blasphemous, repulsive…or stupid.

*Scottish data shows that the COVID-19 age-standardized case rate is highest among those who have been twice-vaccinated and lowest among the unvaccinated. The data also shows that this trend of negative efficacy for the double-vaccinated holds true for hospitalizations and deaths, as well. This hasn’t—and will not—stop the government-media-healthcare-Big Pharma complex from demanding we jet jabbed…repeatedly. Something is very wrong. Folks, the lockdowns and mandates never were about your health.

*Moreover, reports indicate that between 70% and 80% of those hospitalized with “serious” cases of COVID-19 in Israel have been vaccinated, many with at least three shots of the COVID vaccines.

*The National Institute of Health spent $8 million on an app that tracks what gay boys and transgender boys as young as 13 are doing sexually with grown men. The app even has games and activities that supposedly help the young lads limit their “risk” in sexual situations. The NIH claims the app is designed to help prevent HIV. Some of the (taxpayer) money the NIH spent on this project went to the youngsters who are chronicling their sex lives for the government. And, of course, parental permission is not required for participation. A better way to prevent HIV—and a better use of the $8 million—would be to track and prosecute the adult males who prey upon these kids.

*Speaking of the government, officials now frequently speak of “the growing threat” to the U.S. from “domestic terrorists,” by which they mean reprobates like Republicans, conservatives, traditionalists, Christians, patriots, and…anyone else that in any way disagrees with them. This is preposterous projection. The only “growing threat” to Americans is unrepresentative, tyrannical government.

*China recently confirmed it will team up with Russia to explore the moon. Just as the two nations will soon team up to “explore” neighboring countries.



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