Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Biden Betrays Nation He "Leads"


The U.S. Army is going to immediately start discharging the unvaccinated. And this after attempting to purge itself of patriots, devout Christians, and Trump supporters. At this rate the “force” may literally soon mirror its recruiting slogan of 2001-2006, which touted an “Army Of One.” This seems particularly bizarre timing, given the fact that Uncle Sam believes Russia is going to invade Ukraine soon, and China is now openly threatening Taiwan.  

The Biden administration has also pressured hospitals and businesses to get rid of their unvaccinated employees, putting more burden on already over-stressed doctors and nurses and worsening the ubiquitous labor shortages and supply chain disruptions.

 Moreover, Biden has cancelled pipelines at home and devastated the energy sector…while begging for oil from Russia and OPEC nations. He has gifted the Taliban with tens of billions of dollars in advanced military equipment, making these erstwhile goat herders one of the best equipped military forces on the planet. He refuses to build a wall to protect his own nation’s southern border but is fine with others building walls to protect their interests. His administration will not lift a finger to defend the sovereignty of America’s border with Mexico but apparently considers Ukraine’s border with Russia to be absolutely inviolate.

But wait, there’s more…as they say in late-night infomercials. Biden and his Cabinet of Fools have coddled criminals and criminalized victims, leading to vastly more of each. They will raise taxes on productive United States citizens while giving freebies to illegal aliens. They have locked down the healthy, mocked the productive, and turned ethnic groups and races against each other. They have weaponized the FBI, CIA, DOJ—and assorted other agencies formerly charged with protecting Americans—and directed them to surveil and harass them. They have stunted the American economy-- and destroyed their nation’s prestige around the world.

Biden and his minions have deliberately prostrated America in front of Russia, China, Iran…and the rest of the world. Especially China.

 Elites and Deep State denizens alike seized on the opportunity COVID-19 afforded them to try to crush Americans’ free will. The Plandemic, partially created and funded by Dr. Fauci’s NIH, allowed them to terrorize the na├»ve, ignorant, and weak and demand heretofore unprecedented mail-in voting opportunities. This directly led to Biden “winning” the 2020 election…and to a year-long collapse unlike any in American history. One with far more catastrophic long-term results than the coronavirus itself will cause. The real pandemic is the widespread disease of the soul and spirit now afflicting far too many Americans. Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” of 1979 has returned. Orwell’s 1984 has arrived simultaneously, albeit 38 years late.

It is obvious that all this can't possibly be random-- or simply due to epic incompetence. It is a plan. Part of a larger plan. We may be nearer than we know to a one world government. And that government will essentially be China’s.

The Biden administration has failed America and Americans in epic—almost unbelievable-- fashion. It seems the Biden administration is unilaterally conducting the Great Reset.

Those in the Biden administration love to talk about “justice.”

Real “justice” would be served if they were found guilty of treason, one definition of which is: the crime of betraying one's country, 

It would be far better for the nation if the military didn’t discharge the unvaccinated…and the people did discharge the Biden administration.



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