Thursday, February 10, 2022

Western Nations Losing Belief In Themselves


It is clear that the Western powers have lost belief in themselves and therefore have lost the will to defend themselves. To channel Dylan Thomas, they have lost the will to “rage, rage against the dying of the light.” So the sky grows ever dimmer.

In America, leftist thugs have perverted our history, denied our glory, severed our common bonds, and stolen our dignity. They laugh as Rome 2.0 is burning, as far too many of us just fiddle. Like an aging prize fighter with his eyes swelling shut, we know we are in trouble and stagger to our corner hoping we can hang on until the bell rings. Some even urge us to throw in the towel first.

But we must rise up, we must make a stand. We cannot go gentle into that dark night! For, as Churchill said of the worst-case scenario, “it is better to perish than live as slaves.”

It is true that China and Russia loom large as potential adversaries. China in particular will have to be dealt with at some point. But we must first deal with the domestic tyrants who mock us, mask us, and lock us down. Those who say that anyone who disagrees with them has “unacceptable views,” or who claim that anyone who declines to allow multiple experimental shots to be injected into their bodies is an idiot. (You know, the ones who incessantly preach tolerance, diversity, equity and inclusion while stripping tens of millions of their jobs, freedoms, and pride. And, in some cases, their will to live.)

Almost 246 years ago, we declared independence from the world’s greatest military and economic power, because it was acting despotically and treating us as serfs. Its elites had little respect for us. We eventually defeated that power in part because many of those elites had grown arrogant, soft and effeminate.

Most of the elites and “experts”-- in government, academia, the mainstream media and Big Tech-- who rule over us now have even less respect for the rest of us. In fact, many of them despise those of us who live in the country and/or have traditional views. Or who simply don’t agree with them on every issue. Most of them are arrogant. Many are soft and effeminate.

Back in 2008, the elite, effete Barack Obama said of working-class voters, “they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them.” That was a particularly ignorant smear, and quite ironic, as well, since leftists cling to their anti-gun stance, their hyper-secularism (which is their religion)…and antipathy to people who aren’t like them.

Ronald Reagan once said that “we have a rendezvous with destiny.” We met that destiny—with aplomb—when we made him president. After the disaster of the Carter years, with stagflation, staggeringly high interest rates, gas lines, war-weariness, weakness, doubt, and malaise riddling the nation, he made us great again. With our help.

So here’s hoping that we can throw the tyrants out of office, reclaim our freedoms and dignity, and reunite this fractured land. Can we do that?

As the Gipper also stated, “After all, why shouldn’t we believe that? We are Americans.”




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