Saturday, February 26, 2022

John Kerry Worried Russian Attack On Ukraine May Adversely Affect Climate Change


John Kerry recently noted with sadness that Russia's war with Ukraine will distract the international community from what really matters: the battle against climate change. In doing so Kerry as much as admitted that his main concern with Russia’s unprovoked attack on its neighbor was that it would temporarily derail the Biden administration’s plans to impress the world with its adherence to green policies.

During an interview with BBC Arabic, the former secretary of state and current U.S. “special envoy for climate” said the war will have "massive emissions consequences" for the entire world. Kerry did mention his concern for “the people of Ukraine” and of “trying to change boundaries of international law by force,” adding, “I thought we lived in a world that had said no to that kind of activity. And I hope diplomacy will win.” Yeah, “diplomacy” always defeats fanatical, tyrannical governments, doesn’t it, John? Remember the Munich Agreement? “Peace in our time!”  Maybe not. But representatives from the Japanese government were negotiating with us when…never mind.

Tragically, Ukraine, too, is experiencing the results of “diplomacy” as it has been defined and applied in the West. In December of 1994, Ukraine agreed to eliminate all of its nuclear weapons and become a “non-nuclear-weapon State” by signing the Budapest Accord. It did so explicitly because the U.S., U.K., and Russia vowed to guarantee Ukraine’s sovereignty. The first two items of the Memorandum on Security Assurances in Connection with Ukraine’s Accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons are:

1)      The United States of America, The Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the CSCE Final Act, to respect the Independence and Sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine.

2)      The United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine, and that none of their weapons will ever be used against Ukraine except in self-defense or otherwise in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

After expressing his dismay that Vladimir Putin did not, in fact, say no “to that kind of activity,” Kerry addressed his real concerns, saying: "But massive emissions consequences to the war but equally importantly, you're going to lose people's focus, you're going to lose big country attention because they will be diverted and I think it could have a damaging impact. So, you know hopefully President Putin would realize that in the Northern part of his country, they used to live on 66% of the nation that was over frozen land.” That wasn’t a particularly eloquent—or coherent—statement, but that’s the Biden administration in a nutshell. Babble on about crap that doesn’t really matter while ignoring or covering up what is important and meaningful.

Kerry also allegedly said “I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.” Yes, I’m sure he’s laser-focused on that, even while attempting to obliterate a neighboring state.

Modern day “progressives” fail to understand…well, everything…but in particular they fail to grasp the fact that not everyone is like them. All dictators-- and most governments-- around the world respect only strength and consider any hint of weakness or compromise an invitation to do as they please. Ergo, striving for “diversity, inclusion and equity” in dealing with them is a recipe for disaster.  Economics isn’t a zero-sum game, but geopolitics is.

Leftists’ priorities are beyond bizarre. Worrying about “climate change” at the same time a belligerent Russia threatens its neighbors is foolish. It is akin to being concerned that the Holocaust would distract the international community from the horrors of transphobia, cedar apple rust, or bail reform. That the attack on Pearl Harbor would distract Americans from the urgent need to develop more organic produce. That the 9/11 attacks would divert our attention away from the existential fight to eliminate plastic straws. Or that a Second Civil War might tend to draw people’s attention from the plight of trans people to secure their inherent right to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choosing.

John Kerry is a fossil, albeit one who hates fossil fuels. We don’t need a “special envoy for climate.”

We need a “special envoy for sanity.”



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