Saturday, February 13, 2021

Double The Fun With Democrats!


Hi all! Remember, you get Double the Fun with Democrats! Not just one, but two impeachments of former President Trump. You get to wear not one, but two masks, possibly for perpetuity. You get two presidents for the price of one! And often hear President Biden espouse two sides to any issue, even though you know which one he will actually choose. (See the previous sentence.)  You get two sets of rules and two different approaches to justice, depending on your political beliefs! White, Christian, doing okay? You’ll be sorry for all of those sins. Transgendered, mulatto, bisexual, atheist transvestite? You are a hero! We’ll double your votes…and promise to pack the court with twice the number of Supreme Court Justices as currently exist. By Godlessness, if we prevail, we might even be able to promise you two Americas, one red, one blue. One just for us, one just for you!


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