Friday, February 26, 2021

Immigration And Insanity


Not a day goes by without students at this or that university proclaiming that their school “sits on stolen land!” They demand acknowledgement of that “fact” as an admittance of others wrongdoing and a down-payment on reparations…while continuing to attend those schools. Leftists love to point out that America—and Americans—are living on “stolen land,” though they themselves get a pass because they are pointing this heinous inequity out to less sensitive and socially aware types.

But let’s look at the actual facts. There were very few native Americans populating the lands that would become America prior to the arrival of Europeans. What would eventually become the United States was a vast open wilderness, much of it until the Twentieth Century. Only a few million indigenous peoples lived here.

 Yet, now that the country has matured and parts of it are overcrowded and suffer from a lack of housing (in large part due to progressive policies), these self-same leftists demand that we let anyone into the country that wishes to come here, legally or not. Especially not. We must allow countless hordes of people to pour over our southern border, COVID-stricken though they may be, even though American citizens can’t be allowed to return to their homeland without submitting to a Coronavirus test and a possible quarantine. You see, to impede the throngs of illegal aliens streaming across our borders would be immoral. They have every right to be here. Who are we to say they don’t? Oddly enough, leftists believe that Native Americans had the right to come here from whence they originally hailed, dating back to the Cradle of Civilization, and that anyone in the world should be welcomed into the country now, but that the mostly European immigration that founded the nation, advanced the cause of freedom around the world, and led to the majority of inventions and innovations that made nearly everyone’s lives easier, safer and more productive was completely beyond the pale.

Why do so many people want to come here anyway? The same leftists that now want to let everyone into the nation tell us—and the world at large-- that America is nothing but a sorry cesspool of racists, misogynists, bigots, toxic masculinity, science deniers and people who cling to their God and their guns. It is surpassingly strange that all these people believe life is better here than in their home nations.

Do not let leftists get away with saying that Caucasian-Americans don’t have a right to live in the U.S. but everyone else does. Do not let them tell you that America was somehow stolen from its natives but that most other nations, except Israel of course, are legitimate and should be respected. Do not let them tell you that invasive species are an existential threat to our ecosystem and way of life but that illegal aliens are a great benefit to our society.

Do not let them tell you that you-- middle-class patriotic Americans-- are the problem and everyone else is the solution.

Lies are lies, even if a great many try to tell you otherwise. The truth is that the truth shall set you free.

Anything else is fake news.


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